The Presidency: Clear and present dangers

The enemy isn’t just at the gates. The enemy is within. Europe is facing multiple fronts in the battle to preserve peace and security for its citizens.

The Maltese Presidency of the European Union must balance shifting threats cascading across a volatile global landscape while upholding the principle values of the European Union.

The Presidency is a video series by looking at the priorities of the Council Presidency. In this report, Brian Maguire takes an in-depth look at the security of the European Union.

One year after the Brussels bombings and in the midst of an election cycle conflicted with populist and humanitarian view on migration, the EU’s first defence remains effective diplomacy.

Malta is working closely with the European External Action Service, under the umbrella of the EU’s global strategy, to manage the complex challenges of migration, terrorism, and the new increasingly sophisticated threat of hybrid warfare.

The Presidency is supported by the Maltese Presidency.

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