Tweets of the Week: Alexandre Benalla, Juncker in Washington and Chocolate Bar Justice

Welcome to EURACTIV’s Tweets of the Week. This week, Macron’s presidency in question, Juncker looks in Trump’s direction, and an iconic chocolate shape misses out on EU copyright protection.

French President Emmanuel Macron is facing the heat this week as one of his security aids, Alexandre Benalla, was caught beating protesters while illegally dressed as a cop.

Taha Boufas caught the incident on film last week, and it went viral.


Anne-Sylvaine Chassany noted that the Benalla affair is “a blow for Macron because it touches on an essential aspect of his campaign — his pledge he would be different from his predecessors, that his presidency would be ethical and transparent ”  




Well, if we take a quick look at the bro-mance between the two, it’s no wonder Benalla stood up for him!


I know the code. Bros before…laws…apparently.


When asked about the affair, Macron took a tip from Trump’s playbook, saying We have a press, which no longer seeks the truth”.



But I guess he was just following The First Rule of the Elysée Fight Club: the Elysée doesn’t talk about the Fight Club.


In other news, President of the European Commission Jean Claude-Juncker traveled to Washington this week to discuss trade tariffs with President Donald Trump. 



The two leaders successfully ceased trade-war fire with an agreement on automotive tariffs, an EU commitment to import more US soybeans and uh, a promise to continue conversation on the steel and aluminum tariffs. 


Agence Europe’s cartoonist, Pascale Hanssens, imagined the meeting would go a bit like this… 



And Alex Pigman wondered if he was dreaming when he saw worlds colliding.


Donald Trump saw it as quite the positive interaction, tweeting that Obviously the European Union and the United States love each other! Look at the photo! It’s obvious!


Bruno Waterfield quipped that Juncker flew to Washington and accepted Trump’s peace offer with metal tariffs remaining in place. This is hailed as a victory 


Mehreen Khan reported the Trump-Juncker deal on no new tariffs during trade negotiations stands as long as neither party suddenly terminates the negotiations. Luckily, US president has absolutely no history of ripping up agreements at a whim 


And Martini Seltzemeyer gave us a look into a post soybean agreement Europe. This is the menu at the Berlaymont canteen tomorrow:
– Soybean soup
– Soybean stew
– DESSERT: Soybean surprise 


Continuing on in food news, the EU court of justice made an interesting decision on Kit Kats this week.  


Anisa Subedar reported Nestlé applied for the trademark for the shape of a Kit Kat – or “four trapezoidal bars aligned on a rectangular base” as a top EU legal adviser put it.



Kit-Kat lost their long-fought battle to trademark their shape in court. EU judges are fiends, says EURACTIV’s Sam Morgan.  


Sanjeev Kohli joked that Kit Kat have just been fined for showing two pairs of fingers to the EU


But man of the people Mack O’Donnelly claims Kit Kat is innocent  


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And that’s it for this week! Jen will be back to lead you through the darkness that is the Brussels Bubble Twittersphere after the summer break. Cheers!




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