Tweets of the Week: Article 50 in ECJ, Selmayrgate, and Gilets Jaunes protests

This week, Article 50 in ECJ, Selmayrgate just won’t go away, and Gilets Jaunes protests go seriously astray.

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On Tuesday, an Advocate General from the European Court of Justice gave his opinion on whether Article 50 can be unilaterally revoked thus halting Brexit.

The bombshell news? He thinks it can.

Naturally the twittersphere went wild.

Reporter Dave Clark said: Well, this changes everything. And/or nothing.

What James Crisp likes best about it is that it delivers a swift kick to the goolies of the EU institutions and the UK government at the same time.

Sky’s Faisal Islam said that the “ruling” means that an Act of Parliament to revoke Article 50 “might be needed politically, but not legally.”

Although of course dozens of Brussels correspondents pointed out that it’s NOT actually a ruling as reported by some of the British media.

It’s an opinion

But since when has the British press let facts get in the way of EU reporting?

At least it will be over soon. As Nick Gutteridge noted, the average time for a case to go through the ECJ is 15.7 months. The Turbo-charged Brexit case will take a smidgen over 2.

Elsewhere, in Paris, what started as a protest about rising costs of fuel and taxes, has turned into a rolling riot over the state of life in 2018.

Zachary Kamel said the Gillets Jaunes protests have turned into a revolutionary moment which can’t be ignored and reverberates with working people worldwide.

Let’s hope it doesn’t get quite this extreme!

But while there was certainly much reported violence

There were also scenes of solidarity as including this where French riot police remove their helmets in support of the #Gillets Jaunes.

The movement also spread to Brussels where two police vans were set alight by a hooligan element that had joined the peaceful protesters.

More marches are expected today.

Finally, it’s the scandal that keeps on giving. Martin Selmayr’s fast-track appointment to Commission Secretary General has once again come under fire as the EU Ombudsman reiterates that it broke the rules, despite responses from the institution.

In fact, the Commission should develop a new procedure for appointing its Secretary-General advised the Ombudsman.

But SelmayrGate isn’t just about some bloke getting a cushy job-for-life tweeted Sam Morgan. It completely undermines why anyone would take the EU seriously as a rules-based entity.

Ryan Heath said the Commission is going all in defending how it handled the promotion, but virtually no-one — from the Ombudsman down — believes their version of events.

One spoof account suggested that THIS is how the Commission was responding.

Swimming against the tide, an account called swaysworn said the fact that everyone has been on Selmayr’s case for so long is pretty fishy and makes me wanna root for him.

Ryan joked that Selmayr the Underdog should be a Netflix series!

Christian Bluth said it was a lesson in how not to build confidence in EU institutions

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That’s it for this week. Join me again next week for more snarks and larfs in the Brussels bubble Twittersphere.

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