Tweets of the Week: AUKUS, Budapest Demographic Summit, Common Charger

Ditching French submarines leads to a brawl, turns out Viktor Orban isn’t that tall, and European Commission proposes a single digital charger for all.

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Last week, Australia, the UK and the US announced their fancy new military alliance, with the catchy abbreviation “AUKUS”. 

But not invited to the party: the French. And even worse: Australia cancelled a contract for submarines with the country. 

Theresa Fallon was unsurprised saying that “When it came to the crunch, Australians preferred to be close to a superpower, not a mini-power.”

DG Meme pronounced it: “J’aukus…!”

And AmericanEUDude wondered: Is a French submarine called a Vous Boat? 

But by Wednesday this week, the US-France patching up had begun, as reported by Sophie Pedder: Biden and Macron agreed to meet in Europe at the end of October.

British PM Boris Johnson, made no such overtures saying it was time for the French to “prenez un grip” and “donnez-moi un break”.

Someone hasn’t maintained their Duolingo streak and it shows remarked Yasmeen Serhan.

While Frédéric Moreau was just appalled by the humourless, nativist arrogance of the Eton lifer. Unpleasant, incurious men with Latin tags, the lovingly-curated, archaic vocabulary, the theatrical enthusiasm, bottomless mediocrity and the howling tundra where their soul should be.

Now, now Fred, say what you mean!


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This week the Budapest Demographic Summit took place featuring half a dozen conservative men gathering to talk about womens’ reproductive rights.


MEP Katalin Cseh described it as infuriating and medieval.

But even she couldn’t ignore the ridiculous visuals. Name this band she tweeted!

 Who wouldn’t want to party with these lads asked Sam Morgan.

Viktor Orban Action Figure: Available Now In All Good Toyshops quipped Le Chou.

Indeed Viktor Orban really is “taking the ring to Mordor”.

Staying with a Lord of the Ring theme, the S&D Group promised One charger to rule them all!

As the European Commission finally got around to proposing a common charger for electronic devices. 

Alexander Fanta said it was great news, but what took them so long?

Maybe they were out of battery?


Foo Yun Chee pointed out that Apple won’t be happy

Martini Seltzermayr imagined it would look something like this:

Laura Kayali treated the news with the gravitas it deserves! Today is the day the European Parliament has been waiting for for a decade.

But which will take another 10 years to be implemented (by which time all new devices will have wireless chargers, moaned Sam Hedatufox. 

Well thanks Sam, you’re a little ray of sunshine!


Meanwhile Sam Morgan thinks everyone has misunderstood the ‘single charger’ plan. It’s not a single type of charger, it’s just one charger we all have to share!

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