Tweets of the week: Avengers, Ikea, CAP


German coalition divides up powers, CAP reform is mixed news for ploughers, and Swedish PM out after just four hours.

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It was all eyes on Germany this week.

Firstly Health Minister Jens Spahn said that by the end of winter pretty much everyone in Germany will be vaccinated, recovered or dead…. probably” 


Yikes! That ‘wahrscheinlich’ is doing some heaving listing!


Meanwhile the so-called traffic light coalition treaty was unveiled to much fanfare. Though calling them The Avengers is a niche position!


At 51,776 words, just a shade longer than The Great Gatsby pointed out Tom Nuttal.


And it’s mixed news for von der Leyen as it was agreed that the Greens will appoint the next GermanCommissioner… unless the President is already German.


 Diego Velazquez predicts she will start endorsing the spitzenkadidaten system very soon ..


Another nugget?


The new coalition also plans to legalise cannabis.


Meanwhile American EU Dude joked that he’d finally found an EU story he doesn’t mind reporting. Snarking European Parliament votes to keep EU farm subsidies, but only for weed


MEP Herbert Dorfmann was one of the first to tweet: It”s done. We have a new CAPreform


Confused about national strategic plans within the #CAP
Ask Gerardo Fortuna:  It’s like the European Semester, but with cows.




270 — billions of € in EU’s sweeping farm policy reform.

3 — MEPs on stage to defend the deal they struck.

1 — dude at the back of the press conference who’s asleep reported Eddy Wax.



This episode is supported by SESAR The Single European Sky air traffic management Research Joint Undertaking. Find out how smart technology developed w/support of SESAR is optimising passenger journey & health safety in Paris Charles de Gaulle terminal’s baggage area.


100 years after women won the right to vote, on Wednesday Sweden elected Magdalena Andersson as PM, the first woman ever! A glass ceiling has been cracked, said Ylva Johansson, EU Commissioner for Home Affairs


Well that aged well… she stepped down mere Hours After Getting Job reported Le Chou.


Look this is getting sill Le Chou is supposed to be SATIRICAL news! 


She didn’t even have time to assemble a cabinet. Although to be fair those flat-packs can be tricky, quipped Berlaymonster.


Oh Swedish… Ikea… I get it.


One woman not going anywhere is new EPP leader Roberta Metsola.


DG MEME says it’s now game on between Metsola and David Sassoli to hold the Parliament Presidency. Place your bets with DG MEME’s bookmaker. My money’s on the Maltese “mum of four boys”.

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