Tweets of the Week: Biden Trip, LGBTQI bill, EURO 2020

EU-US relations are seriously rocking, Hungary’s anti-gay law is absolutely shocking and hurrah for the Euros, bring on the mocking!

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As Biden made his way through Cornwall, Brussels and, finally, Geneva, the enthusiasm for his return to the world stage was palpable, with him declaring, sometimes multiple times a day, that America is back… so said the Washington Post.

Ulrich Speck however described the whole shindig as “boring. Although in his view,  that’s the “best news for NATO in years.”

Daniel Keohane jumped on the theme declaring #BringBackBoring!

Brussels Urban minister Pascal Smet tweeted: Our secret weapon against traffic jams has arrived. We would like to welcome you more often in Brussels Joe Biden.

Security was also amped up – look at the size of that thing! Big gun doesn’t do it justice!


Is it even real?

Clearly the whole thing was directed by Luc Besson!

Though I’m not sure the tedious 16-year-long Boeing-Airbus dispute storyline really worked for me. 

Luckily Berlaymonster has the sequels lined up: Byrd amendment, US steel measures, EU retaliatory measures, Spanish olives, beef hormones and GMOs.

Can’t wait.


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Elsewhere, Hungarian leader Viktor Orban was busy being, well, Viktor Orban.

His ruling Fidesz party adopted new laws tightening sanctions for pedophilia, and conflates it with LGBT community

From Tuesday, telling the kids it’s okay to be gay is technically illegal. Telling an LGBT+ story is illegal. Publishing a kids’ book with an LGBT+ character is illegal. Mentioning LGBT+ ppl in sex ed is illegal.

Fortunately many more enlightened people took to Twitter to urge the EU to do something. Perhaps something to discuss during the June GAC and Article 7 hearings?

Belgian Minister Petre de Sutter said it’s high time that the European Union and its Member States put a stop to Hungary. A red line has been crossed.

Commission rule of law update: the E.U. executive continues to disappoint European voters (and taxpayers) said Quentin Aries.

How the @EU_Commission works: 40 minutes after a midday briefing in which 30% of all questions were about the lack of EU response (blabla we have to first read the law), the commissioner tweets a statement. It’s either avoiding the press or incompetent/uninformed spox. Said Diego Velazquez.

Eventually Commission President Ursula von der Leyen declared herself very concerned about the new law in Hungary.

Equality Commissioner Helena Dalli explained that an inquiry had been launched to assess the new law.

Better late than never

God is punishing Hungary for its new homophobic laws, tweeted Jack Parrock.

And by God, he means Ronaldo.

Oh yes indeedy. You didn’t think we were going to forget the football!


France Germany was the big showdown this week and MEP Assistant got slightly over excited.

Who will emerge victorious asked Copernicus EU –  that’s the European Union Earth Observation Programme to you and me.

German constitutional court disallows the last goal snarked DG Meme.

Two offside goals and an own goal, there’s a metaphor for franco-german relations in there somewhere added Zia Weise!

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