Tweets of the Week: Bono, Timmermans, and Juncker dancing

This week, Bono comes to Brussels to preach, Frans Timmermans thinks the Commission job’s in reach, and Jean Claude’s dance moves make the British Press screech.

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On Thursday, Ryan Heath helpfully reminded anyone who missed it that self-important Irish crooner Bono visited Brussels to help Europeans see the “romance” of European integration.

HOW could you miss it!? Politicians nearly wet themselves in their eagerness to get a photo with the pint-sized smugmeister.

Donald Tusk.

Antonio Tajani.

Even Udo Bullmann.

Queued up to be lectured to by the self appointed guru of right-on.

But not everyone was so impressed.

Nick Gutteridge reported that security was not letting anyone into the EU Parliament because Bono was there.

Last week he was able to wander around and doorstep Irish leader Leo Varadkar. “Not improving my opinion of Bono,” he said.

“By playing Bono’s music in Europe, we can deter many migrants from making the dangerous journey here,” quipped James Crisp.

And an endless stream of people took to Twitter to point out the hypocrisy of Bono’s tax arrangements.

David MacDougall summed it up saying “We can all agree – whether hard core Brexiteer or die-in-the-wool Europhile – that we don’t want Bono involved in any way shape or form. Right?”


Another week, another hopeful throws his hat in the spitzenkandidaten ring in a bid for the European Commission’s top job.

This week it was Frans Timmermans

The ‘bearded polyglot’ – hat-tip Danny Kemp – garnered mostly positive responses on Twitter.

Social Democrat MEP Jo Leinen was pleased, praising Timmermans’ “excellent personality” and saying “European Democracy gets vibrant!”

“Decent bloke, solid values, great speaker, true European,” added Gareth Harding. “Can’t say that about many politicians.”

“This is welcome competition. We wish you a fair lot of success, but not too much,” joked Green MEP Reinhard Bütikofer‏.

Of course, if chosen by the Socialists as their candidate, he’ll have to outnumber the EPP candidate with the help of the Greens and the Liberals.

The European Parliament 2019 elections just got interesting said Isabelle Ioannides.

Let’s hope so, because we’ve got seven more months of this!

Finally this week… more deja vu, more dancing as Commission President Jean Claude Juncker aped Theresa May’s dance moves before a speech.

Juncker MOCKS May screamed the British press, prompting Otto English to remark that apparently the “famous British sense of humour” doesn’t extend that far.

Richard Pauptit said May dancing was not funny – Juncker imitating was hilarious. Except to brexiteers – who have no sense of humour.

Not Nigel Farage though “As a Eurosceptic I’m supposed to be outraged… Personally I’m not outraged, I think it’s rather funny,” he said.

However Commission spokesman Margaritis Schinas said the dance was “not directed at anyone,” and was “improvisation.”

Yeah, right! I mean, say what you like, but he’s nailed her moves.

And in Fantasy Headlines, Berlaymonster suggested how Theresa May could hit back with a Juncker impersonation

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And that’s it for this week! Join me again next Friday for more prancing and dancing in the Brussels Bubble Twittersphere.

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