Tweets of the Week: Border Openings, Black Lives Matter, Bottomless MEP

Europe wants to see UK tourists less, Black Lives Matter widespread protests stress, and MEP joins committee in state of undress. 

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As Europe gradually opens up its borders following the COVID-19 pandemic, one couldn’t help but notice that a certain country was not on a lot of guest lists:

Spoof account Martini Seltzermayr summed up the protocol:

Number 36: Rest of world 

Number 37: Extraterrestrials who say they come in peace 

Number 100: The UK


Sharon O’Dea reported that the Netherlands will welcome back tourists soon. But “we do not want British people or Swedes here at the moment,” according to Prime Minister, Mark Rutte.


Greece has also sidelined the UK, and that means it also refuses Irish because of the border.


Meanwhile British PM Boris Johnson wants European workers who left the UK as lockdown began to come back!


Speaking of coming back…

This is the maximum distance I’ve ever kept physically from Jean Claude Juncker, tweeted Commissioner Margaritis Schinas, “but we remain just as close at heart.”


All together now: Aaaaawwww.


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Hmmmmm – truffle anyone?


This week saw Black Lives Matter trending again after horrific scenes of violence in the United States.


Matina Stevis said that with every US backslide, the burden on Europe to uphold values once taken for granted grows heavier.


But, added Elizabeth Collett, racism is everywhere. No one in Europe watching the news unfold across the Atlantic should be feeling superior right now. 


Gary Lineker was among those who tweeted pictures of mostly peaceful protests throughout Europe including in Hyde Park. 


But Marc Püschel reckons that when a riot anywhere, happens, France be like: Hold my beer.


In Belgium, graffiti art on the side of a train reads “I can’t breathe” in memory of George Floyd.


And in Ghent, the bust of King Leopold II of Belgium, who orchestrated the genocide of 10 million Congolese was defaced by protesters.


Finally this week… there’s no covering-up some MEPs!


As Luke Ming Flanagan joined the European Parliament’s Agri Committee online meeting in his jocks presumably thinking the camera cut him off at the waist.


Just look at Norbert Lins face, urged Mícheál Ó Scannáíl


And while Joseph Sexton is right – we all could do with some levity in these trying times


– there’s just no un-seeing that!


At least Ming himself has a sense of humour. “Hope you like my legs!” he tweeted.




Maybe taking part in a Parliamentary debate in underwear, the power flex to end all power flexes, suggested MEP Assistant.


Yeah, and maybe not!

That’s it for this week

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