Tweets of the Week: Bossy Macron, Green Taxonomy, Deported Djokovic


New year, new EU presidency!


Cue the whole world debating how to translate “emmerder”


Rosie Birchard helpfully shared a selection of options from her Oxford FR-EN dictionary while imagining her old French professors rubbing their hands in glee as they discuss the various translations, maybe relishing the rare treat of swearing in class!

Berlaymonster reckons the existing translations don’t do it justice and proposes “to perturd/cause a perturdance to”.


But DG Meme thinks the debates on how to translate #emmerder show that multilingualism works pretty well…


Only day 5 of the French EU Council Presidency and we’re all speaking French! snarked Michiel van Hulten.


Less pleasingly for some on Planet Brussels, a 60-page draft #taxonomy text landed in inboxes of member states minutes before 2022 struck. Nothing says Happy New Year like a “consultation” process for amending a delegated regulation as regards economic activities in certain energy sectors!




David Carretta wants New Year’s Eve renamed Taxonomy day.


I can’t work out whether Kira Taylor is delighted or horrified at kick starting 2022 with the leaked secondary delegated act of the taxonomy



But Le Chou gets straight to the point with its usual brand of sarcasm: EU Commission Considers Granting Whale Oil A Green Label Under Its Taxonomy

Finally this week, World No. 1 tennis player No vax Djokovic – geddit? – was refused entry to Australia following a national outpouring of rage over his vaccine mandate exemption.


Have I Got News For You reports that experts are torn over Djokovic getting deported from Australia, as on the one hand he may well have a valid reason, but on the other, it’s very, very funny.


Ever quick to see an opportunity, Ryanair checked if he needed a flight home.


Others speculated that he would be forced to live in Melbourne airport like Tom Hanks in The Terminal



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