Tweets of the Week: Brexit, Moraes, and NATO

Pies are sacrificed on Brexit’s altar, MEPs turn nasty in row over Gibraltar and NATO at 70 doesn’t falter.

Kicking off for the 894th week in a row with Brexit.

Luckily this week Karl Sharro has helped us all understand what’s at stake with a helpful Venn diagram to explain all the available Brexit options.


In a week that was frenetic with activity, Berlaymonster summed it up best: Nothing has changed!

Despite the best efforts of this eejit who draped himself in the Union Jack and stood on top of St Pancras station thus halting all the eurostar trains for hours on end.

Had he been wearing a European flag normal service would have resumed suggested one Tweeter.

But one unexpected consequence of Brexit emerged as the Commission revealed that there would be new customs checks on meat.

Cue widespread panic among Brits in Brussels!

“If we can’t bring sausages or bacon to Brussels what will be the point of M&S at St Pancras?” demanded Ian Wishart.

Sam Morgan meanwhile started frantically checking to make sure crumpets don’t include animal products.

James Rothwell says if you don’t take pork pies in your coolbag with you on holiday then you are a weirdo.

But Gwilym David Blunt reckons only the UK could line up something so trivial for identity politics, class warfare, and endless grievances.

Brexit also sparked some unpleasant behaviour in the European Parliament as Claude Moraes was removed as Rapporteur for the Visa regulation post-Brexit because he objected to Gibraltar being described as a colony.

Debbie Eade called the move “disgusting and disgraceful” and all down to Spain trying to further its own colonial aspirations.

Moraes himself revealed there had been a campaign of bullying by Spanish MEPs from 3 different groups who had asked about his name and ethnic origin to try to find reasons for his stance.

Fortunately most reponses on Twitter were in support of Moraes and against such hateful intimidation.

Including Ana Coelho who said she couldn’t believe this was happening in the European Parliament.

Finally, NATO turned 70 this week. Lots of people sent their congratulations, but try as we might we could not find a single picture of a cake!

Just flags.

Lots of flags.

No, really, lots and lots and lots of flags.

We weren’t the only ones to notice Heather Dichter suggested NATO should get a flag emoji for its 70th birthday.

So congratulations to NATO – 70 years keeping the flag industry afloat.

That’s it for this week. But do join us again next Friday for snark and larks in the Brussels Bubble Twittersphere.

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