Tweets of the Week: Brexit Slide Wars, Digital Strategy, Budget Council

Number 10 claims Barnier’s a real jerk, digital strategy raises a wry smirk and leaders work on multiannual financial framework

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On Monday, in a speech in Brussels, Boris Johnson’s EU adviser David Frost said that Britain will not accept EU supervision of so-called level playing field in any new relationship with the EU after Brexit

According to Frost: “we are clear that we want the Canada-free trade agreement type relationship, which the EU has so often said is on offer.” But the problem, reported Jennifer Rankin, is that the EU isn’t really offering it and the UK isn’t really asking for it.

EU negotiator Michel Barnier explained the UK cannot expect to have a deal like Canada without a level playing field because it is uniquely, geographically, close to the EU.

And the whole thing degenerated into Slide Wars.

Number 10 showed this from 2017 asking “what’s changed?”

And Barnier’s team tweeted this.

Spoof account Martini Seltzermayr reckoned Britain had just discovered the Barnier staircase

And Ryan Heath’s sage advice on Brexit? “Just ignore everything for the next couple of weeks.”

Easy to say if you’re not in Brussels!


On Wednesdays the European Commission published its much-leaked AI and Data strategy

Thanks Sam, if only it were that Data.

Rather it was close to 100 pages of buzzwords.

Berlaymonster summarised it best: A Europe of data. A data of Europe. Agile. Harnessing opportunity. With citizens at the heart of it. And innovation. Innovation at the heart of it too. Promoting excellence and trust. Together. Or something.

Also hashtag AI, hashtag digitalEU added Kristina Kardum

And Lewis Crofts unveiled this key quote from the White Paper:



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Finally this week, EU leaders are meeting in Brussels to thrash out the next multiannual financial framework – that’s the seven-year budget to you and me!

Gert Jan Koopman was wondering how many shirts to prepare for the Council Summit.


As it isn’t unusual for the budget negotiations to go on for a very long time, after all we’re talking about €1 trillion here explained Dave Keating.

What’s unusual this year is that the new Council President, Charles Michel, is staking his reputation on trying to get an agreement early.

He even invested in this bizarre MFF delivered by drones video!

Diego Velazquez pictured Michel as Dominic Cummings wanting to


Of course several tweeters tried to inject some drama to the, let’s face it, pretty dull affair by comparing it to cinema blockbusters like this:

And this:


While Berlaymonster would just like the whole thing narrated by Morgan Freeman.


We asked you last week to send us your suggestions for the funniest tweet of the week and with a landslide it was this unintentionally hilarious Brexiteer complaining about Brexit one. Oh Colin, but it’s a classic of the genre!


Do send in your suggestions for next week using the hashtag #EuTweets.

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