Tweets of the Week : Brexit, Sofagate, European Commission press releases

Brexit is done, I promise, pinky swear, VDL is still narked over not getting a chair and it’s official Eu press releases are too much to bear.

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Is that the sound of a fat lady singing?

Four months after its ratification in the Commons, the European Parliament finally gave its consent to the trade agreement between the EU and the UK. AKA Brexit!


The vote was 

660 for with only 5 against and 32 abstentions


MEPs really are useless said Sam Morgan – Six more voting in favour and we’d have been laughing


Well yeah, I suppose 666 is the number of the Brexit beast.

And speaking of the Brexit beast…

His work is done, reported Danny Kemp.


‘Brexit Monster’ Taken Out Back And Shot After MEPs Back Exit Treaty claimed Le Chou!


Before doubling down with the news that Commissioner Maros Sefcovic Steps Out In a Lush Blue Fur Coat!


Another week, another scandal… no wait actually it’s re-runs of the old scandal.

This week European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen told MEPs that her visit to Turkey showed how far we still have to go before women are treated as equals.

“My story made headlines,” she said. “But there are so many stories of women, most of them far more serious, that go unobserved.”


Greens leader Ska Keller supported those comments asking what about all those women with less privilege? Hashtag #fightsexism.


However Lina Aburous thought there is nothing worse than evoking old  headlines.


A view shared  by British publication, The Spectator that thought VDL cynically “used” the incident.

Yep, VDL used a debate over her trip to Turkey to talk about her trip to Turkey quipped Martini Seltzermayr.


Welcome to politics! Tweeted Diego Velaquez.


Let’s get women off the sofa and onto panels added Ana from Brussels Binder.


Together with 74 colleagues I have written to Charles Michel that apologies for #sofagate are welcome, but it’s time to put his Money where his Mouth is, said MEP Lara Wolters.


And DG Meme snarked – VDL remained seated because she’s afraid “somebody” might take her place…


Von der Leyen : 1  – Charles Michel : 0


This episode is supported by International Probiotics Association Europe. Probiotic foods and food supplements are high on the agenda – find out how the association is pushing from clearer use of the term probiotic and better labelling for consumers by following them online.


And finally on to the burning question that exactly NO ONE was asking: Does the European Commission communicate well to the wider public? 


A political scientist studied almost 45,000 press releases from the Commission published from 1985 to 2021 and his conclusions may come as no surprise to the EU bubble.


It turns out that normal people can’t figure out what words like “taxonomy” or “HERA incubator” actually mean. Weird, innit? Mused Gerardo Fortuna.


Dear colleagues, please, please, don’t do it to people. Don’t do it to yourselves. Speak Human please, begged Kinga Ostanska.


This person really took one for the team. Respect added Mauro Gatti.


Finally some data to back up what I’ve been preaching for 20 years  tweeted Gareth Harding!


Wait, WHAT? Poor you say?! But don’t they engage and mobilize stakeholders into participatory  engagement along a roadmap to implementation? asked Frazer Goodwin!


Maybe I’m wrong, but this sounds like a job for Brussels number 3 effluencer! And indeed it’s Berlaymonster to the rescue with this handy Conference-Name Generator.


Bubblese has never been more impenetrable!

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