Tweets of the Week: Christmas Brexit Plenary, BlackRock, Orban v Clooney and Maradona

Christmas plenary plans are not much to applaud, Blackrock contract inherently flawed, Orban versus Clooney leaves us all slack jawed, and we bid farewell to the Hand of God.

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So, you know that dull period between Christmas and New Year when there’s nothing to do? Not this year!

2021 has a final kick in the teeth for tired Parliamentarians and the European Parliament agrees to meet to approve a Brexit deal if necessary.

On the 28th day of Christmas, my true love gave to meeee, a Straaasbourg pleeenaryyyyyyyy quipped Martini Seltzermayr.

Berlaymonster reminds MEPs that the period is known as the “merrineum”

But Raphael Weyland sees an upside saying that those complaining about #stayhome restrictions will have less to argue with friends and family!

French MEP Nathalie Loiseau complained that “to most observers, Brexit looks like a boring, grey soap opera with many repetitive episodes.” 

We try, Nathalie, we really do replied journo Nick Gutteridge.

It’s the political version of Eastenders, said John Whelan.

John, despite Ursula Von der Leyen telling MEPs and governments they need a “creative” compromise, I don’t really think it is!

It’s scandal time again…

The EU Commission hired Blackrock, a big investor in #fossilfuels, to advise on the EU’s sustainable finance agenda, explained Corporate Europe Observatory adding that the Commission did not properly consider conflicts of interest when granting the contract.

And on Wednesday the EU Ombudsman criticised the Commission saying it should have done more to consider if there was a conflict of interest.

The name ‘BlackRock’ didn’t ring alarm bells?? Tweeted Brian McGuire incredulously.

Wow, the Commission actually found BlackRock’s price “abnormally low” tweeted 

Benjamin Braun, who finds it “curious that the world’s most fearsome antitrust enforcer didn’t think that something fishy might be going on.”

“Asking #BlackRock to suggest the best rules for sustainable finance is like asking a nuclear power company for advice on a nuclear phase-out,” said Kenneth Haar. 

Also this week…

COVID rages around Hungary, our healthcare system is crumbling, unemployment is on the rise. And Hungary’s government *checks notes* is sparring with George Clooney, pointed out MEP Katalin Cseh.

Two things I never thought I’d hear in the same sentence: Viktor Orbán and George Clooney. But hey, it’s 2020. Anything is possible, added Carisa Nietsche.

It breaks down like this: Clooney said Orban along with Bolsonaro in Brazil was spreading hate.

And Orban’s Fidesz party reacted in entirely predictable fashion by claiming George Clooney is a stooge for George Soros.


Flora Garamvolgyi summed up the typical playbook:

– [ Literally anyone criticizing Orban ]

– Hungarian pro gov’t media: Soros!!!

George Clooney responded: “The Orban propaganda machine is lying, full stop. (…) I would be ashamed if I were not on record for speaking out against this kind of authoritarianism”

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Finally this week, we said farewell to one of the footballing greats as Diego Maradona died aged 60.

European Parliament president David Sassoli was the first to tweet condolences from the EU.


And Tweet of God said “I just got my hand back.” #RIPMaradona


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