Tweets of the Week: Christmas Special

Welcome to EURACTIV’s EU Tweets of the Year, when we look back at what was happening throughout 2019.

This week we are sponsored by Deliver 4 Europe, more about them, at the end. 

In January in a sign of omens foreshadowed, May’s meaningful vote was totally hammered.

February saw a “special place in hell” for Brexiteers and the copyright “mob” as well.


In March, bad behaviour saw Orban suspended, while the deadline for Brexit was 


For the first time in April we saw up-close a black hole, while Greta Thunberg warned Parliament not to score an own-goal.



In May we were gripped by EU election fever, followed by wild horse-trading for next Commission leader.



A Council Summit in June provided no more clarity, while the Trump-blimp took flight amid great hilarity.



As far as the month of July is concerned, we finally saw VDL confirmed, Theresa May was roundly spurned, and a whole new crop of MEPs returned.


August is a difficult month to rhyme, since nothing ever happens and its tumbleweed time….


In September the new Commission began to take shape, but some job titles left commentators agape. 

October was all about Brexit once more and even Jean-Claude’s jokes were beginning to bore.


In November the Commission promised a European green deal, while climate change activists highlighted the emergency is real!



December: NATO leaders mock Trump, who will soon be impeached, while in the UK election a decision is reached.




And as the end of the year draws to a close, what the future holds nobody knows, but I’d put my money on still much of Brexit and maybe a scandal where Trump finally legs it.


…but probably not! And that’s it for another year of Tweets of the Week.


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That’s it for another year. Join me again in January. Happy holidays.

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