Tweets of the Week: Climate Actions, Macron Turtleneck and UK Election

Climate activists set out their goals, Macron’s jumper amuses style trolls, and the great British public goes to the polls.

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Climate action took centre stage this week.

In Madrid, Greta Thunberg was given a rock star welcome by an army of journalists at COP25.


“I successfully managed to sneak in. I don’t think anyone saw me…”  she joked.


On Wednesday, Commission president Ursula von der Leyen announced her climate action plans saying it was Europe’s “man on the moon” moment. “The EU Green Deal is more than just a vision. It is a roadmap for action.” 


Magnus Franklin tweeted: “Really? A *roadmap*? Shouldn’t it be a bicycle lane, or hiking-trail or somesuch?”


Mehreen Khan said the “man on the moon” comment was an unfortunate comparison as she imagines “sending men to the moon has quite a high carbon footprint.”


The Green New Deal was also on the Brussels Summit agenda on Thursday, where EU leaders were greeted by 61 Greenpeace activists who scaled the European Council building in the early hours.


As Dave Keating explained, the protester’s stunt made it look as though the Europa building was on fire. It was designed to pressure Poland into ending its veto on the EU #NetZero 2050 target, but it scared a lot of people. He asked: “Have they crossed a line?” he asked.


Not according to Twitter which was clogged with images of the stunt: 





The other image setting the internet on fire this week is Macron’s jumper.


New Yorker writer Lauren Collins got the ball rolling by asking why French President Emmanuel Macron was wearing a turtleneck with a suit.

And according to a “French person” because it’s a climate change

press conference, he’s wearing a left-wing outfit.

Cue the Twitter frenzy as people struggled to get their heads around the idea!


A lot of people responded that he also looks like a bond villain.


Clever Hedge said he was pulling a Steve Jobs.

Even fashion magazine VANITY FAIR had an opinion: “A turtleneck is a turtleneck — unless, in Emmanuel Macron’s case, it’s much more,” claimed a headline.


By Thursday morning, Craig Winneker said the Macron turtleneck news cycle had reached the hot contrarian take stage.

But Benjamin Haddad kept a level head: “It’s winter, what else are you supposed to wear?”


Winter weather was also much discussed as the UK went to the polls yesterday and the campaigning finally ended. 

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn urged everyone to vote, even if they had to wear a wooly hat.


While Prime MinisterBoris Johnson allegedly “hid in a fridge” to avoid being interviewed.


And yes, OF COURSE Twitter rose to the occasion once again with these gems:



James Crisp tweeted that he had voted, but wasn’t exactly thrilled with his options: “Can’t shake the feeling that someone, somewhere is taking the piss. What a dispiriting, disappointing set of choices served up to electorate like a plate of sick,” he said.

Wow, keep it light James!


And on that note, forget politics, #dogsatpollingstations is the main reason to log onto Twitter on election day. 

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That’s it for this week, join me again next Friday for the final episode of this year, where we probably WILL have to talk about the election results, but for once, I’m glad we record on a Thursday!


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