Tweets of the Week: CO2 emissions, Alex Stubb, Jeremy Hunt and Theresa May

This week, CO2 emissions bear the brunt, Alex Stubb is out in front, EU offended by Jeremy Hunt and Theresa May pulls dancing stunt.

Today we are supported by the European Parliament.

It is indeed it is a Strasbourg week and the big news was that MEPs voted 389 to 239 in favour of toughening CO2 limits for new cars and speeding up the roll-out of e-cars by 2030. 

Neena Gill MEP, said the call for a 40 percent cut in car and van CO2 emissions  was “ambitious,” adding “It’s now up to Member States to show similar level of ambition so we can turn these goals into reality.”

Constantine Levoyannis‏  said it was a big win for MEP Miriam Dalli, but there huge challenges ahead for industry.

Most people were pretty happy apart from the car industry who described the targets as “extremely aggressive.”

Also in Strasbourg, Former Finnish PM Alex Stubb threw his hat in the ring to become the EPP’s candidate for the European Commission top job, much to the delight of EU Politics nerds.

Simon Hix described him as “hugely impressive. I cannot think of a front bench British politician who is in the same league.”

Even Berlaymonster was inspired and remarkably light on snark: “Qualified. Eloquent. Principled. But when have EU governments ever chosen the best person for the job?” he said.

Publicly his candidacy was even welcomed by rival Manfred Weber, but Jon Worth speculated what was going on underneath those smiles.

Martini Seltzermayr demanded to know @alexstubb’s favourite cocktail.

But the general consensus was that fitness fanatic Stubb is probably more into beetroot and organic kale smoothies.

Or protein shakes.

Finally, the UK was keeping the rest of the EU entertained as always. This week, British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt preposterously claimed that the EU is just like the USSR!

The most brutal rebuttal came from Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis

Who said “Dear Jeremy Hunt, I was born in a Soviet gulag and been imprisoned by KGB a few times in my life. Happy to brief you on the main differences between EU and Soviet Union. Anytime. Whatever helps.”

Of course Hunt tried to backtrack claiming, despite all evidence to the contrary that he didn’t say the EU is like the Soviet Union. Before adding that Britain is “very angry” about Brexit negotiations

It’s not the only one!

Guy Verhofstadt described his comments as “offensive and outrageous.” “Churchill and Thatcher must be turning in their graves.”

Theresa May meanwhile praised shipyard strikers in Gdansk, and recalled the Velvet Revolution and fall of Berlin Wall signalling that she doesn’t agree with her foreign secretary.

But that was entirely overshadowed by her bizarre decision to come out dancing at the Conservative Party Conference which dominated the front pages.

Swedish Ambassador Torbjörn Sohlström said bravo for starting her conference speech with ABBA’s Dancing Queen.

But the rest of the Twittersphere was more perplexed.

Labour MP Diane Abbott thought whoever came up with that idea should be sacked. 

Shehab Khan‏ said You couldn’t make it up.

And in an equally bonkers move, former foreign minister Boris Johnson, trolled May by running through a field of wheat.

Don’t these people have more important things to do!?… like, erm, Brexit?

Matt Steinglass tweeted this cartoon

And that’s it for this week! Join me again next Friday for more prancing and dancing in the Brussels Bubble Twittersphere.

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