Tweets of the Week: CoFoE confusion, Moved Border, Vaccine Sharing

The Future of Europe conference looks a mess at first glance, Belgian farmer moves the border with France, and Biden changes US vaccine stance.

Sunday is Europe Day and if you thought not visiting obscure EU institutions on #EuropeDay was fun, try not visiting them online!

Such is American EU Dude’s advice

Now you might have expected Europeans to get excited about Europe Day, possibly less so Alyssa Milano.

Yes, that’s American actress Alyssa Milano, star of Charmed and Who’s the Boss!

For some random reason she’s part of a special virtual event alongside the European Union Ambassador to the United States.

Well at least they have the line-up confirmed… unlike…

The Conference of the Future of Europe.

As it stands, the Conference risks not being launched in Strasbourg this weekend as planned, as the EU’s three institutions have yet to figure out how the format should be structured between citizens and representatives, explained Mehreen Kahn.

It has been already deprived of its original ambition upon the insistence of the EU Council, with its duration shortened by 1 year & ambiguous commitment to follow up on its proposals. Now, it may lose its democratic legitimacy, giving citizens only an illusion of impact said JEF Europe.

The fact that the Council, Commission and Parliament are (again) collectively struggling to get their act together is worrisome, tweeted Janis Emmanouilidis.

If it is really *not* launched on Sunday, the broader public will not notice the delay. But looking further ahead this shows the shaky grounds, added Valentin Kreilinger.

Just let people vote on the leadership. That’s how you usually sort out what people want in politics, advised Diego Velaquez.

Want a job done? Ask a farmer.

Farmers will move mountains (and borders) to get the job done quipped Natasha Foote

After a Belgian farmer accidentally shifted the border with France


Jim Felton looked on the bright side: If you’re having a bad day at least you didn’t accidentally invade France.

A lot of people have written about how fluid contemporary borders are, but I’m sure this was not what they meant, said Clemens Binder.

Reports coming in from Nate Russo saying the French have already surrendered.

But Zach Babins’ sources say the Belgians will compensate France for the inconvenience with a shipment of waffles, mayo-covered fries and Dubbel.

Finally this week: Vaccines!

And no, I STILL haven’t had my jab yet!

But the BIG news is that US President Joe Biden threw his support behind IP protection waivers on COVID-19 vaccines to end the global pandemic.

These extraordinary times and circumstances of call for extraordinary measures, explained Ambassador Katherine Tai.

Former Greek PM Alexis Tsipras called it a Historic decision

… the Greeks would know I suppose.

Absolutely necessary said Guy Verhofstadt.

Rather less diplomatically, but certainly emphatically, Cory Doctorow tweeted: FUCK YEAH!


History will judge western countries not by how and when they re-opened restaurants but whether they shared vaccines with the rest of the world reminded Jim Pickard.


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