Tweets of the Week: Commissioner Judges, Boris’ Baby, Summer Holidays

European Commissioners find Masterchef fame, won’t someone come up with Boris’ baby name, and if we can’t go on holidays, that would be a shame.

Never let it be said that European Commissioners don’t get around!

Yes that’s right Commissioners Margrethe Vestager and Margaritis Schinas were guest judges on Greek Masterchef.

MEP Karen Melchior said she wished her Greek was better, so she could watch it.


While a rather petulant MEP Assistants “at first thought it was a joke” and then peevishly questioned the Commissioners’ priorities.


Lighten up dude, it was filmed months ago!


Quentin Aries was just confused: Can someone please explain why two European commissioners are the testers of the Greek version of Masterchef? 

I may get Schinas, but why Vestager?


Because she’s awesome?

All in all, it’s been a good week for Vestager, said Sam Morgen. Borgen — the Danish drama reportedly based on her — is also back on tv.


It’s a boy!

Perfectly timed to detract attention away from his handling of the coronacrisis, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s, fiancee Carrie Symonds, gave birth to a baby boy on Wednesday.


Former PM David Cameron tweeted his congratulations saying “Sorry we didn’t leave the cot at Number 10, but the climbing frame should still be in the garden!”


Cue much speculation about what the baby would be named:

According to British law, he had been born on Tuesday, Ed Balls Day his name would have automatically been Ed-Balls Johnson, joked Flora Gill.


With a heavy heart I’ve just had to veto calling the newborn Mark Francois. It’d put too much pressure on the little one, quipped spoof account Mark ne Francois Pas.


And Martini Seltzermayr said: “name it “Michel” or you can kiss your trade deal goodbye.”


Finally this week EU transport ministers held a videoconference to debate how to exit the coronacrisis lockdown.


Also known as the “can we go on a summer holiday?” meeting.


Commissioner Vera Jourova warned Europe’s tourism sector could lose 50% of its turnover due to #covid19 travel restrictions.


James Crisp said she was “on a mission to save the summer from coronavirus.”


And Thomas Sparrow pointed out this isn’t just a middle class problem, Europe’s tourism sector employs 22.6m people, equivalent to 11.2% of EU employment, and 9.5% of the bloc’s economy.


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