Tweets of the Week: COP26 Mascot, DG Trade, Bettel Plagiarism

COP 26 tests politicians’ metal, DG Trade comms is in fine fettle and plagiarism accusations leveled at Xavier Bettel. 

This week COP26 got under way. And in case anyone was in any doubt that weather matters… this is Glasgow on the eve of the conference.

Which makes the seal mascot all the more appropriate.

Liv McMahon was keen to make sure everyone  was introduced to Bonnie

Seal-liously adorable!


Fun fact: Bonnie is recycled as eagle-eyed Christian Calgie pointed out. We’ve seen that mascot before at the European Championships.

But Hugh Osmond kept it real pointing out that with the amount of sewage being pumped out by the UK water companies, the seals are leaving and rats coming instead.

Just seen the COP26 mascot getting ready for his new gig joked Swigalot.

Words I never thought I’d say, but that’s a cute rat!


Also this week DG Trade broke the internet with this video.

Possibly the greatest thing the EU has ever created tweeted Michael Bruton.

Yup DG TRADE has seriously upped its comms game.

Can someone please turn this into a real game? Begged Julia Fernández Arribas.


Giuseppe Famà is looking forward to seeing Josep Borrel’s Street Fighter version.

But Guy Verhofstadt sounded a more downbeat note: When will the Commission release its video game on Rule of Law Enforcement ? As it stands now, Orbán and Morawiecki easily beat Von der Leyen or Michel, he said.

Finally this week, Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel was left red faced after a report emerged that his masters thesis on EU elections was choc a block full of plagiarism. 


Pol Reuter shared this visual showing how much of Bettel’s 1999 thesis was copied! 



Apparently he even lifted wholesale passages from the website of the European Parliament reported Mehreen Khan.

Bettel insisted that he wrote the thesis “to the best of my knowledge and belief at the time”.


But Le Chou found a more novel excuse. Bettel RESPONDS: ‘I Haven’t Done Anything Wrong! Luxembourgish Is 96% Plagiarised From German Already’

Let’s not look too closely at how much of Tweets of the Week is lifted straight from the internet!

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