Tweets of the Week: Coronavirus, Brexit Mandates, Carnival Distaste

Coronavirus lockdown causes pasta distress, what happens next in Brexit is anyone’s guess and a carnival in Flanders fails to impress.

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This week saw the coronavirus COVID19 spread to more countries in Europe.

Northern Italy is the worst hit and even the governor of Lombardy is in self-isolation after his aide tested positive. 


However you know it’s serious, Rory Gleeson, “started the day following coronavirus development near Milan, spent the rest of it translating Italian memes, most of them dissing pasta shapes unworthy of panic-buying.”


Chloe Condon was most amused by this Italian man being upset over the pasta shelves being empty.


It’s true! Despite Italians hoarding pasta because of the coronavirus, they would rather starve than eat smooth penne!


Meanwhile, according to CNN: “Germany is not considering closing the country’s borders with Italy due to the coronavirus outbreak.”


Leading all of European Twitter to point out: Germany doesn’t have a border with Italy!


How old is your map?


And Tom Freeman had this snarky advice: “To reduce the risk of coronavirus infection, be sure to wash your hands regularly, carry tissues, and equip your personal troop of robotic bodyguards with flamethrowers so they can incinerate anyone within 20 metres of you.”


On Monday evening: “Habemus negotiating mandate” said an EU diplomat.

The mandate was rubber stamped by ministers on Tuesday.


“We stand ready to build a close, ambitious partnership with the UK,” tweeted Ursula von der Leyen saying negotiations will begin the week of 2nd March. 

It’s on! Said Anna Gumbau as Number 10 also published the UK’s position.

The key sticking point is around regulatory alignment and level playing fields.


Berlyamonster imagined it thus: 


Just a reminder, Adam Fleming’s Brexit golden rules still hold true:

“No” sometimes means “maybe.”

Expect the unexpected.

Expect the expected.

Negotiate in haste, repent at leisure.

“It’s an on-going process.”


Everyone says it’ll get easier, it won’t!


Both the EU & UK say they will walk away from talks in June if there hasn’t been enough progress.

That’s 3 months to reach a deal that took 10 years to negotiate with Canada, said Dave Keating. “If you think there will be a Brexit FTA this year, he’s got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.”


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On Sunday, Aalst, in Flanders, Belgium, held its annual carnival, once again with disgusting anti-semitic elements.


The parade had groups in the parade dressed as nazis, klu klux klan, and half-jewish-people-half-vermin, reported an appalled John Hyland.

The European Commissioner for Promoting the European Way of Life, Margaritis Schinas, reiterated what I said last year: it’s clear to me: The Aalst carnival is a shame. It needs to stop, there is no place for this in Europe.

Locals in Aalst defend the crude anti-Semitic floats and costumes as ‘comedy’ and ‘satire’ – but what’s funny or satirical about it asked Stephen Brown.


Answers on a postcard please!


And someone who isn’t amused by any sort of carnival is: Angela Merkel.


Year on year she endures it stony faced, it’s almost a tradition!


Holger Sandte reckons endless EU summits are nothing compared to 10 minutes of carnival!


And our favourite tweet this week? American EU Dude asking “Who wore it better?”

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