Tweets of the Week: Daphne Caruana Galizia, Hurricane Orphelia, and another EUCO summit

Welcome to Tweets of the Week. This week, leading Maltese reporter slain, Ireland laughs in the face of a hurricane, and Council suffers under Brexit strain.

This week started with the shocking news of the brutal murder of Maltese journalist, Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Angus McKinnon reported that it was “grim days in Malta.”

The shock felt by all who knew her was palpable.

as huge crowds gathered for a spontaneous vigil in Sliema.

Maltese Commissioner, Karmenu Vella, called the act a cowardly attack on an individual and an assault on democracy.

Jurgen Balzan agreed, saying the hideous crime was an attack on collective peace of mind, adding that rule of law is the exception in Malta.

The Wall Street Journal’s Lawrence Norman reported that the European Commission was asked if it would open a probe on that matter, but did not answer.

In Brussels, Donald Tusk led a minute of silence at a press conference and hundreds gathered to pay their condolences at the Residence Palace.

Times of Malta online editor, Herman Grech, pointed out that 26 hours after the bombing, the Malta Police Commissioner was still nowhere to be seen.

By Thursday lunchtime, MEP Roberta Metsola said he was still MIA: “Amazingly he has not appeared once since the assassination.”

While many of her colleagues also paid their respects…

The most incisive and moving comments came from Daphne’s son, himself a prize winning journalist.

Hurricane Ophelia’s trail of destruction left three dead, €800m worth of damage and hundreds of thousands without power and water. So it’s no laughing matter.

But that didn’t stop the Irish. Dylan McCoy thinks it says more about Ireland that we can’t even be bothered to learn how to spell Ophelia.

Star Trek Ireland warned people not to go flying.

And Jamie Hogan reported that a “trampoline from Cork has just landed in Dublin and is already being rented out as a bedsit for €3000 a month!”

Mallow News revealed the government spin: Ophelia is Attracted By Our Competitive Corporation Tax & Highly Educated Workforce.

But Jack McFadden said the most important thing is that everyone gets a day off.

And Scotland too got in on the act: James Melville claimed a warning has been issued over the dangers of flying Greggs bags.

Finally, it’s yet another Council Summit this week with Brexit dominating the agenda.

An OECD report said that Brexit could cost UK £40 billion by 2019, and £400 billion by 2030 and could cripple the economy “like the Blitz.”

But of course the Brexiteers weren’t convinced describing it as “scaremongering claptrap.”

Meanwhile back in Brussels, leaders were not in their normal “Space Egg” building as it was evacuated over a noxious gas scare.

I know, I know… too many puns, so much metaphor…

Instead, leaders relocated to the Justus Lipsius next door – causing Danny Kemp to think he was watching summit re-runs.

Theresa May addressed leaders over dinner, which American EU Dude reckoned was comprised of humble pie, sour grapes, trifle, and white whine, followed by leeks.

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