Tweets of the Week: Election Anniversary, Cummings, Next Generation EU

One year since elections has left us all scarred, a trip during lockdown hits Cummings rep hard, and Ursula von der Leyen channels Jean-Luc Picard.

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This week marked 12 months since the European Parliament elections. I know, hard to believe.


On the anniversary, Beatriz Ríos reminded us: Brexit, the Iran-US tensions, a new migration crisis at the Greek border, a pandemic, a recession… It’s only been one year!


But what a year, said Jorge Aguado


Many including the European Greens posted their #throwback pics


While Alisha Lewis said it feels really weird that there are no British MEPs anymore.


BCW Brussels asked what had been the most relevant issue impacting the #EuropeanParliament?

Brexit, COVID-19, or the Green Deal 


At last count, the pandemic was out in front.


But MEP assistant cut to the chase: Let’s be honest, the one achievement they are secretly the most proud of is being able to find their own office.


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In the UK the media was agog at the Cummings and goings of Boris Johnson’s chief aide.


After it emerged that Dominic Cummings had broken the very lockdown rules he helped to create. 


This story isn’t going away any time soon, said the Daily Mail’s Pippa Crerar.


It’s been a fumbling 2 months of crisis response, but it took Dom Cummings’ 260-mile dash to Durham to turn the UK public against Boris Johnson, pointed out Matina Stevis.


One of the more, ahem, eye-opening excuses offered by Cummings for a trip to Barnard Castle tourist spot was that he “wanted to check his eyesight.”


And naturally Twitter reacted like this


And this…




Even Brewdog created a special brew to mark the occasion.


Donald Tusk, ever the wag, quipped: “This is apparently Cummings and his Brexit friends’ rule: they leave when they should stay.”

But much respect to Dutch PM Mark Rutte for abiding by the rules, even though it meant he couldn’t visit his dying mother in her final weeks.

Finally on Wednesday, Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen set out her plan for Europe’s future hashtagged #NextGenerationEU


So, you name a policy after a sci-fi classic, what do you think is going to happen??



Sam Morgan reckons there’s a Trek head in the Berlaymont Collective!


Miguel Carrión expects the plan “To boldly go where no Eurocrat has gone before.”


The FT’s Jim Brunsden says “Make it so.


Although as Holger Hestermeyer pointed out the FT’s main pic was not the next generation. 


Please make sure to hire a nerd. The Commission is much more Picard than Kirk!


But back to the detail. Alexander Stubb tweeted: “I think this is a good, ambitious package…and yes, I like the name too.”


Spoof account Martini Seltzermayr reported the EU recovery fund as worth 567 bajillion marillion vermillion euros

It’s 750 billion – which DG Meme thought should make everybody happy.


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