Tweets of the Week: EP plenary, UK takes all the credit, and the Minister for Loneliness

This week, MEPs are back to school, UK claims credit for European rule, and lonely Theresa May faces ridicule.

This week is a European Parliament plenary week, so it’s all eyes on Strasbourg. Among other things, MEPs voted for new rules to better protect children in cross-border family disputes.

And banned the sale of so-called dual-use technologies to dictators who might use it to spy on their own citizens.

Irish leader, Leo Varadkar, showed up to talk about Transnational Lists.

Causing Berlaymonster to share this handy guide on how to pronounce “Taoiseach”.

Howard Wood said it was a “great result for common sense,” as MEPs voted overwhelmingly to ban electric fishing.

Hipsters of Schuman was not so sure, claiming that “Pulse Fishing” was “the best electro-hop single to come out of Berlaymont back in 2011.”

And Claudio said he was looking forward to “Michael Gove and the Tory government claiming credit” for abolishing the practice.

That comment was a reaction to Westminster’s attempt to take responsibility for EU regulations to ban credit card charges and single-use plastic bags.

As Vanessa Mock pointed out, the abolition of card charges is part of new EU payment rules.

And Martini Seltzermayr joked that the EU’s Plastics Strategy is “so green, we will even be recycling our old policy ideas.”

But that didn’t stop Boris Johnson congratulating himself for “EU directives on plastic which the Tory government opposed and Tory MEPs voted against.”

Mary McGonigal‏ said the “irony meter” had gone sky-high.

And Embarrassed Brit said the UK is “officially now the laughing stock of Europe.”

Only now?

Finally, the UK has appointed a Minister of Loneliness to tackle what Prime Minister Theresa May calls a “sad reality of modern life” for many citizens.

Michael Smyth‏ reckoned they have managed to “simultaneously create a new government department and a great name for a goth band.”

Bennett Arron‏ asked “why is there only one Minister for Loneliness?”

Have I Got News For You revealed the inspiration behind Theresa May’s appointment.

And Laura Perrins thought it one of the stupidest things she has read in a while. “The state cannot stop loneliness, but by encroaching on civil society, it sure has caused a lot of it,” she said.

Joking aside, loneliness IS a serious issue and so we are supporting the suicide prevention charity Pieta House campaign, Darkness into Light, which launches next Wednesday at the European Parliament in Brussels. Check out the hashtag #DILBXL2018

Join me again next week for more screw ups, put downs and snarky asides in the Brussels Bubble Twittersphere and send in your suggestions using the hashtag #EUTweets.

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