Tweets of the Week: EU Corona Case, Greta Thunberg, Greek Border

Member states struggle to contain coronavirus disease, in Brussels, Greta Thunberg lectures MEPs, and new migration crisis causes unease.

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As half the world panics about the new coronavirus COVID19, the first case in the EU Brussels Bubble was confirmed on Wednesday.

EURACTIV had the story about a staffer at the European Defence Agency.


Later the same day, the EU Council sent an email to staff notifying them about another case in the institution reported Jim Brunsden.


Bringing the grand total of COVID19 cases in the EU institutions to a terrifying – 2.

Nonetheless, the European Parliament decided to close its doors to visitors.

130 events, expected to be attended by 7000 people have been cancelled.


S&D MEP Tiemo Wölken, was distraught at the lack of romance allowed: No hugs, no kissing! “This wouldn’t have happened under Juncker,” he said.


Activate Protocol Selmayr, suggested MEP Assistant.


Spoof account Martini Seltzermayr is working smarter not harder: “Washed my hands for a full hour so now I don’t have to do it again all week,” he tweeted…




Elsewhere, “One European Parliament assistant just stretched out his elbow towards people on the corridor. No one new what to make of it,” reported Alexandra Brzozowski.


“Wash your hands like you’ve been chopping jalapeños and need to change a contact lens,” advised Ron Vezina.


Tell that to the Belgians.

Once again they win the internet.


There were no concerns about crowds and coronavirus when GretaThunberg came to the European Parliament on Wednesday. Take it from me – we were packing there like sardines!

She also stopped by to talk to Frans Timmermans, who gave her credit for the new climate law. “We wouldn’t be here discussing it had it not been for her and the young generations that continue to push us to make a change,” he said.


Unfortunately for him, Greta was quick to tell MEPs that the proposed deal is a “surrender deal” because “nature doesn’t bargain and you cannot make deals with physics.” 


Oliver Grimm joked that the PR stunt to invite her to the Green Deal launch “worked really, really well”


And James Crisp said it was an embarrassment to the EU.


Finally staying with crises this week…

The refugee situation on the Greek Turkish border is escalating.


Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said: “We send a very clear statement of European solidarity and support to Greece. We will hold the line and our unity will prevail. I thank Greece for being Europe’s “aspida” 


That’s a shield to you and me!


Trump has a wall. We have some fancy Greek word for it, tweeted Diego Velazquez

And Dudley Curtis reckons the EU is channelling Tarantino in the Greece visit PR pics… 


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Finally our favourite tweet this week is from the inimitable Berlaymonster, who totally nailed it saying: Coronavirus is the new GDPR.


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