Tweets of the Week: EU Elections, Spitzenkandidaten, and Council Summit

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This week it’s election election election, Spitzenkandidaten anticipate rejection and EU leaders tussle over selection.

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Last week saw a bumper turn out across the continent for the European Elections, voter numbers were up a huge degree, in what many saw as a turning point for the EU.

However Martini Seltzermayr seemed unimpressed: For the ninth consecutive time, the EU has won the EU elections, he said!

The big story was the so-called Green Wave, who will now be a force to be reckoned with in the Parliament.

Meanwhile the “grand coalition” of the EPP and S&D took a beating – although as Frederic Simon pointed out the coalition actually collapsed halfway through this term.

The predicted swing to the far right didn’t quite materialise.
Indeed Donald Tusk said voters drew conclusions from Brexit,” describing it as a vaccine against anti-EU propaganda and fake news,” reported Jennifer Rankin

But Matteo Salvini’s La Lega dominated in Italy, something George Andreopoulos said will cause headaches in Brussels.

And Nigel Farage’s Brexit party took more seats than any other individual national party in the European Parliament.

Sling as many milkshakes as you like, it seems nothing sticks to him!

In France Macron lost out to Marine Le Pen’s National Rally,

but his support of the liberals in the European Parliament saw the new ALDE-Renaissance group surge to a comfortable third place…

… which could see them, along with the Greens in the position of kingmaker when it comes to choosing the next Commission President.

Or indeed Queen-maker as Ska Keller pointed out!

After the dust settled in the early hours of Monday morning, the real horse-trading started as pointed out by…

Just about everyone on Twitter.

It’s a phrase BBC’s Adam Flemming is going to stop using after accidentally calling Commissioner Vestager a horse to her face.

Jack Parrock‏ also reminded the spitzenkandidaten that until the process is complete, they are nothing more than horses

As the spitzenkandidaten started jostling for position, EU leaders met to eyeball each other and start bickering over who would get the top job.

Or “lock horns” or “spar” or “row” or “face off over.” Yes Berlaymonster, the Brussels press pack was indeed pounding the thesaurus again.

The FT’s Mehreen Kahn reported that the dinner to discuss top jobs would be super secretive tonight. Leaders will be denied even phone signal in the room to stop leaks.

S&D’s Frans Timmermans and EPP’s Manfred Weber are still front and centre, but with both groups taking a big hit in the elections, the wind may be out of their sails.

Margrethe Vestager is starting to look like the safe bet… as even the bookies, and Dave Keating, certainly noticed.

But then there’s Michel Barnier who is being pushed by President Macron. Although experienced and very well known for pissing off the British, the Frenchman wasn’t part of the original Spitzen line-up which could put him out of the running.

However despite saying he didn’t want to name names, Macron immediately mentioned Margrethe Vestager, Frans Timmermans and Michel Barnier as potential candidates reported Euractiv’s Beatriz Rios.

And speaking of the British, Theresa May turned up again to the Council informal dinner like a ghost at the feast.

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