Tweets of the Week: EU v UK, Jourova v Orban, Vivaldi Government

Commission takes UK to court, spat erupts as Orban falls short, and Belgium finally has a government… of a sort.

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Yesterday the European Commission Président sent a letter of formal notice to the UK government — the first step in infringement proceedings – over the controversial internal market bill that could override aspects of the Brexit Withdrawal agreement.

Jim Brunsden said the announcement was “short and to the point.”

Which Guido Fawkes summarised as “See EU in court!”

But of course the move was entirely expected.

Less expected was Nigel Farage’s endorsement of the Commission move!

The “oven ready deal” was an international treaty — for the EU Commission, that is like the Bible.  Whilst the EU always acts in bad faith, all they are doing today is asking Boris to keep his promises,” he said.

But James Crisp says the point is just to ensure honour is satisfied without rocking the trade talks boat.

Another international spat that gathered steam this week is Hungary’s Viktor Orban against Values and Transparency Commissioner Vera Jourova!

The former called on the latter to resign after she criticised the Hungarian leader over failing on rule of law principles.

MEP Sophie In’t Veld said Jourova was absolutely right to call out corrupted autocrats and stand up for European values.

But that’s not how Orban’s party saw it:

“No democratic institution should tolerate a leader who uses such insults as she did in her Spiegel interview. Defining Hungary as a sick democracy humiliates Hungarian people,” tweeted Hungarian Minister, Judit Varga.

Significantly, Orbán sent a letter to Commission President Ursula von der Leyen warning that his government would suspended contact with Jourová, explained Lili Bayer.

But Pablo Perez reckons “She is not going anywhere.”

While Le Chou imagines a parallel world were: “Vera Jourova Challenges Viktor Orban To Dance-Off, As Rule Of Law Spat Gets Tasty”

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Not everything in 2020 is bad, tweeted Tim Corbeel

As finally Belgium has a government! 

Belgium will have a new government, a seven-party coalition, known as the “Vivaldi” government, led by Flemish liberal Alexander De Croo.

That’s 493 days since the May 2019 elections and 652 days since the Charles Michel government collapsed.

The 2010-11 record was 589 days without a government, explained Jennifer Rankin.

I don’t know why it takes Belgium so long to choose a government. 

How many fathers, sons and brothers have they got? Quipped Dave Clark as it emerged that former PM Charles Michel’s brother would be a minister.

What do you mean by “Belgium has a government” ?

It’s 2020 FFS, things aren’t supposed to get fixed!


Stay cynical MEP Assistant!


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