Tweets of the Week: EUCO, Cyber Work, Female Clothing

European Council is the same old racked, this Fatima advert just doesn’t hack it, and Finnish PM is shamed over low-cut jacket.

Another week, another European Council Summit day

Man from Jarrett reckons it’ll be a bit of a slog…

But Commission President Ursula von der Leyen is looking forward to discussing 

COVID19, Brexit, Climate Change and Africa.

That last topic will be a blessed relief after those first three for starters!

Rather you than me Ursula!

11 countries had already called for at least a 55% cut in greenhouse gas emissions.  

That rose to 12 as the Czechs dropped their objections… albeit subject to certain conditions.

You got to love #EUCO times. It’s like regular politics, but 1000x more condensed and with a crazy timeline.

France, meanwhile was sending an unambiguous message on Brexit: it takes fishing seriously and expects EU solidarity

But don’t expect any white smoke!

Do you remember when the October summit was meant to seal the deal? Asked Beatrice Rios.


On Monday, Twitter erupted in repose to a ham-fisted British government reskilling campaign.

This has made me so angry tweeted Hannah Jane Parkinson

In response to the advert suggesting, Fatima, a ballet dancer’s next job could be in “cyber”… whatever that means, she just doesn’t know it yet!

Scottish MP Joan McAlpine pointed out that a professional ballet dancer has sacrificed years of their life to tough physical training requiring the utmost dedication. They will endure pain, and all that on top of exceptional natural gifts. The ad is so insulting in so many ways

And of course many were quick to point out that “Even with no IT skills dancer Fatima could have made a better Track & Trace app than the ones we outsourced to our beloved friends.”

Others took aim at government advisor Dominic Cummings: Dom’s next job could be in the prison laundry

Or the PM: Boris Johnson’s next job could be sooner than he thinks. (He just doesn’t know it yet)

UPDATE: Fatima is still struggling to keep the dream alive.

Finally this week the Prime Minister of Finland Sanna Marin came in for some seriously unwarranted abuse over her neckline. Yes you heard that right. The leader of an EU country is getting judged over her clothing choices!

As Egan Richardson pointed out the photoshoot seems to have triggered a lot of people.


But she also garnered a lot of support. Swedish MP Linda Snecker, tweeted women are still judged by our appearance #imwithsanna

While Jussi P. Laine pointed out the hypocrisy: Marin (on the left) and Finns Party MEP, Teuvo Hakkarainen (on the right). Only one of the photos has been claimed to be inappropriate and tasteless. Guess which one? 

Jack Parrock also lampooned the critics, saying I’m wearing a thin, blue merino jumper today and it’s also got a message. It’s the jumper I wear when annoyed about women being reduced to their clothing when they’re talking about important issues.

That’s it for this week! Join me again next week for more necklines and headlines in the Brussels Bubble Twittershpere.

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