Tweets of the Week: EURO Finale, Fit for 55, Bastille Day

Euro football final ends in affray, Fit for 55, will Ursula get her way? And the Commission’s cheery greeting is a total cliche.

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It’s the last Tweets of the Week for this season and also the last time I’ll bang on about football for a while as last Sunday was the final of the Euros.

But what a final! From a goal in the opening minutes to nail-biting extra time and all the way to penalties, no one could accuse it of being boring.

In the end England lost to Italy on penalties, which is a cruel way to go out.

Italian post had this response.

While Apollo Sports reminded us that “all roads lead to Rome”

Others pointed out that despite losing the England team had acquitted themselves well.


Marcus Rashford might have missed a penalty – but he is a wonderful footballer and all round decent human – on and off the field, tweeted Irish politician Maurice Quinlivan.

Sadly the same cannot be for the England fans who went on a violent rampage following the match.


Some even tried to snatch the flag of the Bulgarian embassy in London, because it has the same colors as the Italian flag.

Yeah, well done lads.


Three of the players came in for horrible racist abuse online.

And UEFA have even opened an investigation.


But in Ana Milosevic’s village in Calabria, there are

4,500 Italians and one Englishman

Flags on balconies check 

Sunday mass on loudspeakers check       

Stadium horns & megaphones tested every hour check 

But no one will go knocking on John’s door & no flags will be burned she said.

We love our neighbour.

I think I speak for us all when I say… can we see a photo of John?


From controversy on the pitch to controversy inside the European Commission, as a squadron of Commissioners lined up to present Fit for 55!


Anna Gumbau helpfully shared #FitFor55 BINGO!

“All legislative files are connected” is my personal favourite.


So how did it turn out?



Le Chou joked that EU Commissioners Take So Long Discussing #Fitfor55 That Youthful Millennial Virginijus SinkevičiusHits His Late Fifties

Sometimes satire is really too close to the truth.


Apparently around 1/3 commissioners expressed concerns. There’s a general feeling of frustration about how President von der Leyen handled one of the main initiatives of her mandate.

Was this setup really necessary? Asked Valentina Pop. Ursula von der Leyen and six of her commissioners, it felt more like a Brussels’ got talent show than a news conference on an important set of policy proposals.

But the rule remains said Leonor Hubaut, the more people on the podium, the less important the proposal… Not much announced. 

To really understand, let’s read the actual documents 

To answer a question nobody’s asking: 

Fit for 55 package is 3795 pages long added Paweł Wiejski

And Greta Thunberg was seriously unconvinced: Unless the EU tear up their new #Fitfor55 package, the world will not stand a chance of staying below 1,5°C of global heating. 

#MindTheGap between words and action.

But I think we can all agree there are some goals worth aiming for!

You really cannot unsee that!


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Finally, this week, Wednesday was Bastille Day and the European Commission attempted to wish France Bonne fête nationale à tous! 

But it somewhat backfired!


How to say you are looking for a graphic designer without saying that you are looking for a graphic designer, snarked one tweeter.

To be fair… look at the state of the photoshop on that! 


Oh no, please. Not the Europe of clichés begged François Beaudonnet

Catherine C thought it an “interesting” choice of illustration, just missing the beret and Doisneau’s little cycling guy on his bicycle. 

Looks like DG Cliche is alive and well!


That’s it for this week and indeed for this season. We’ll be back in September casting another sidelong glance at the frights and delights of the Brussels Bubble.

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