Tweets of the Week: Eurogroup Head, Statues Down, Brexit Cherry Picking

Speculation about Eurogroup top post, across the EU racist statues are toast, and Brexit is back like an unwelcome ghost.


On Tuesday Mário Centeno announced that he would not see a second mandate as Eurogroup President when his tenure ends on 13 July.


Cue frantic speculation about who would replace him!


Now it is official. Eurogroup chief steps down… The race for a key position is about to begin. 


Diego Velazquez is backing Pierre Gramegna, saying we have been too long without a Luxembourgish in a top job….


Andrew Duff votes Paolo Gentiloni !


Beatriz Rios pointed out: Whoever replaces Centeno will have to lead the Eurozone members through the worst recession in history.


And Mehreen Khan had just one major question for Centeno’s successor: why should your job still exist?


As the Black Lives Matter movement gathered momentum in Europe, statues glorifying slave traders have been torn down from Bristol to Brussels.


Much of the focus was on protesters in Bristol who tore down and threw a bronze statue of 17th century slave trader Edward Colston into the harbour.


On Tuesday Antwerp authorities removed a statue of colonial Belgian King Leopold II reported Jack Parrock. The campaign to remove all of them continues.


Teri Schultz showed all that remained of another statue of King Leopold II in Ekeren.


And just like that – the statue of Robert Milligan was removed from West India Quay in East London


London Mayor Sadiq Khan said “It’s a sad truth that much of our wealth was derived from the slave trade – but this does not have to be celebrated in our public spaces.”


You want a statue? Here’s a statue, tweeted John O’Connell.


In Växjö, Sweden, a statue commemorates local housewife Danuta Danielsson who whopped a Neo Nazi with her handbag and became a local hero.


Finally yet another round of Brexit talks came to an end on Friday.


EU chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, said “No significant progress” had been made, which as DG MEME pointed could make it tricky for time travellers.


Not this again!

*Cherry Picking*

Yes, this, again.


Barnier told the EESC on Wednesday: “We cannot accept the UK cherry-picking parts of the Single Market.”


Oh fantastic, another scintillating and very helpful news cycle of “Cherry-picking” vs “Precedent” snarked Dmitry Grozoubinski.


While Damon Wake had a better idea for dealing with cherry-picking fatigue: DRINK!


Which brings us to our favourite tweet of this week. As Belgian bars reopened on Monday, MEP Assistant asked, at 2pm! “Who’s drunk already?”


That’s it for this week, join me again next Friday for more beers, fears and cheers in the Brussels Bubble twittersphere. And remember if you want to sponsor an episode please do get in touch – DMs are open.


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