Tweets of the Week: European Council Brexit Special

Brexit negotiations drive everyone mad, there was not a wink of sleep to be had and in the end is ANYONE glad? It’s a Brexit special this week.

This week we are supported by EK, the Confederation of Finnish Industries, more about them at the end.

There was only one topic on anyone’s mind this week — Brexit. The problem is, not a soul seems to have had the slightest notion what was going on.

David Allen Green summed it up: “Looks at Brexit commentators. No consensus, nobody seems to have any clear idea as to current position. Clicks off Twitter” 

David, this has been my WHOLE week!

After a weekend of speculation, this week kicked off with intense negotiations between the two teams.

On Tuesday, Cat Neilan reported “an EU official” saying “talks are ongoing. We have no update right now.”


And go on they did — long into the night on Tuesday.

Philip Sime helpfully pointed out the negotiators burning the midnight oil at the European Commission.

Emily Ashton woke up on Wednesday morning wondering what happened on Brexit overnight, switched on the radio. Cue Adam Fleming: “I’ll be honest with you Nick, no one has a clue what’s going on.”

On Wednesday evening Jean Claude Juncker trotted out his well worn: “Everyone understands English, but nobody understands England,” gag for the millionth time.


At least when this is all over, we won’t have to hear that one again!


One of the few who does seem to have a handle on it, is RTE’s Tony Connelly, who reported that the main stumbling block to a deal had been removed with the DUP accepting the latest proposals on consent. 

But that was rubbished by DUP leader Arlene Foster — as so many things are.

She tweeted: “EU sources’ are talking nonsense. Discussions continue.”


As Darren McCaffrey observed, it is all getting very public — which one assumes “can’t be good for the actual negotiations.”


Once again, talks dragged on into the small hours on Wednesday.


On Thursday morning American EU Dude started a poll asking whether the summit

Will: take stock; take note; or take all night?


No prizes for guessing the answer — no one is sleeping in Schuman this week!


The BBC’s Katya Adler reported that all the EU diplomatic and political sources she has spoken to are soooooo fatigued with this process.


Martini Seltzermayr quipped that maybe they are specifically fatigued with being texted for updates 8 times a day by Katya Adler.




“Barely four hours to go until a(nother) Brexit crunch summit and EU member states have not seen any legal text,” revealed Jennifer Rankin. She quoted a senior EU official: “Maybe we will have a deal, or maybe not, when Brexit is on the agenda, we should expect the unexpected.”


Well thanks Mr Official, that’s as clear as mud! Although it must be said “Senior EU Official” was doing a LOT of heavy lifting this week.


Commission spokesperson Mina Andreeva said that contacts between EU and UK teams are continuing, but every hour and every minute counts! 


Clearly it did count, because just when it seemed this would all drag on going round and round in circles for-EVA, there it was: White Smoke!


As Jean-Claude Juncker tweeted: we have a deal! It’s a fair and balanced agreement for the EU and the UK and is testament to our commitment to find solutions, he said.


Although as many pointed out, we’ve been here before.


Will the House of Commons go for it? Will the DUP spoil it all again? Who knows! We record on a Thursday, so as you’re watching everything will have gone smoothly/dreadfully delete as appropriate!


This week we are supported by EK, the Confederation of Finnish Industries, Finnish business is strongly committed to working for a smart and open future for the EU find out more about their key priorities by following the debate online.

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