Tweets of the Week: European Semester, Sound Canon, ECJ Hungary case

Commission unveils the European Semester, the EU is not the sound canon tester and Viktor Orban finds that he’s the court jester.

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On Wednesday the European Commission presented its European Semester Spring Package.

How has everyone’s #EuropeanSemester been? Asked American EU Dude.

We get it – it’s kinda a silly name!


European Semester sounds like a study abroad programme for US students to me, said Gareth  Harding.

Yes me too Gareth!


But the Commission brought out the big guns to present it including VALdis Dombrovskis, Paolo Gentiloni and Nicolas Schmit

Europe’s most feared manel, quipped Diego Velaquez

Martini Seltzermayr wasn’t impressed suggesting this image

Nerds! Responded Dave Clark to the news it was trending!

Nerds is right! Even the Commission’s own amazing Siobhan MillBright said it was only marginally exciting!

Europe is testing a “sound cannon” to be used against refugees reported Deutsche Well

Wait! What!


Luckily Adalbert Jahnz European Commission spokesperson for home affairs, was on hand to clarify that the so-called ‘sound cannon’ is not a European project, but a national one. 

Sadly the damage was already done as many Twitter users pointed out this wasn’t exactly in line with European values.

And was perhaps taking “Protecting our European Way of Life” too far.

But at least it gave Le Chou the opportunity to snark that Schinas is SHOCKED As Anti-Migrant Noise Canon Is Rolled Into Press Room And Warmed Up!

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Finally this week, the European Court of Justice dismissed Hungary’s action against the European Parliament resolution triggering Article7 on rule of law.

Others collect stamps, Viktor Orban collects lost rule-of-law ECJ cases, remarked MEP Sophie In’t Veld.

Of course the Parliament knows its own rules on voting! Said Judith Sargentini. The Article7 report on Rule of Law in Hungary passed in September 2018! Now, please can the Council do its thing?!

This took 3 years? Asked and incredulous Leo Hoffmann-Axthelm

It took the ECJ a long time to call the bullshit of Orbán’s spokesman, said Simon Rippon, but at least it did so.

This decision sends a loud message that those leaders attempting to undermine democratic values will always face EU institutions, concluded Adrián Vázquez.

Thats it for this week, join me again next week for more japes and scrapes in the Brussels bubble twittersphere.

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