Tweets of the Week: Finnish wait, Balkan Euco and Kaliningrad


Croatia’s President Called ‘Rudest And Possibly Most Stupid Man Alive’ After Making Finland’s PM Wait For Meeting bellowed Le Chou on Tuesday.


Jan Smit declared: Marin rocks! She takes it with a smile and does what she wants


Klärchen said it gave her the chance to look super regal for 2 whole minutes. One nil.


Charles Bergen speculated that  at their lunch afterwards, Milanović insisted on splitting the check..


Dick Pachinko reckons as time goes on, Milanović emanates more and more Trump energy.


But in Portugal she would have been received this way…


Armindo Chaves wondered whether Milanović went to take an urgent pee!!!…


But Mirko Skojot was not impressed!

“Two minutes??  Did you say two minutes?? Not 3 or 4?? Or maybe 5 minutes?? Poor baby, such a long waiting time.”

FFS it’s not like it was two hours or something.


And Sanna herself put The Great Waiting in perspective:

“I want to focus on the issues, two minutes of my life is not a long time.”



Council President Charles Michel says he is convinced the European Council will grant EU candidate status to Ukraine.


Viktor Orbán’s mouthpiece tweeted that it was time for the EU to realise it cannot succeed without the Western Balkans. It is first and foremost in our own interest to speed up their EU accession process.


Others showing unexpected solidarity: the Prime Ministers of Albania, Montenegro, and North Macedonia who supported granting EU candidate status to Ukraine. 


That’s one in the eye for Olaf Scholz who had claimed that an EU shortcut for Ukraine would be unfair to the Western Balkans’ countries!


And just look at that body language…


Finally this week. Lithuania found itself in the eye of the storm as it started implementing sanctions on goods to Kaliningrad.


However as Dave Keating explained there are no specific “Kaliningrad sanctions” there are sanctions on Russian goods entering EU territory, which they must do to get to Kaliningrad by rail.

Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrida Simonyte was also quick to point out the mistake: Any talk of a blockade of Kaliningrad is a lie. Lithuania is complying with the sanctions imposed by the EU on Russia for its aggression and war against Ukraine.


It’s not a “blockade” of Kaliningrad, it’s a special transportation operation, snarked Anna.


Chess champ and human rights activist Garry Kasparov called for a clear statement from the US and other NATO leaders that every inch of Lithuanian territory will be defended? It’s no longer hypothetical.


I don’t know if it’s actually funny, but it’s darkly ironic to hear Russians spluttering about “precedent” and “international law” in reaction to news Lithuania will enforce EU sanctions. *Now* they care about precedent, international law? Tweeted Anne Applebaum.


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