Tweets of the Week: Football Ad, Poland Debate, Swearing Interpreter

Fitfor55 video is definitely daring, Poland debate was seriously wearing, but nothing beats an interpreter swearing.

And speaking of FitFor55, the European Commission published this promo video this week.

It certainly split the crowd.

Angelika Pullen called it a weird campaign saying No more tricks. No more slick PR videos. No more slogans. 

Followed by the slogan: #ClimateActionNow!

Gareth Harding also thought it was an own-goal – I see what you did there!

Sean Goulding Carroll tweeted this.

Greenpeace would actually prefer European governments to stop giving over €112 billion to subsidise fossil fuels every year.

Mehreen Khan pointed out that Gazprom, Volkswagen, Qatar Airways are among official Uefa sponsors.

But Tim McPhie was a bit confused by that logic. “You don’t think the Commission should be trying to reach football fans because of who the other sponsors are? Surely the more people who get the message about climate action the better it is?” he said.

Anton Lazarus at the European Climate Foundation said  it may be an unpopular opinion but he likes the vid and people should stop hating on it.

Personally, I just think the more football anywhere, the better!


This episode is supported by the European Biodiesel Board. Want to find out how meeting the #FitFor55 transport decarbonisation targets needs more sustainable biodiesel use? Join the EBB Policy Roundtable on 27 October. 

The last time EU leaders met in Brussels in June, they held one of the most ill-tempered, emotional debates about values and the rule of law. Then it was Orban and his LGBTI law on the chopping block. This week it was Poland and its judiciary.

But first, Poland Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki did a warm up at the European Parliament… at length!


DG Meme was left feeling underwhelmed.

But Oliver Grimm thought that despite its exaggerated 4 hour length, it was the best exchange of political views he’s heard in the plenary.

Back to the Council Summit and it was business as usual.


“I just read that EU leaders at today’s #EUCO summit are going to “take stock” of the “proposed ‘toolbox’. Never change Brussels, tweeted Craig Winneker.

Janos Ammann was more critical. You would think the Commission would take decisive action when its very existence is at stake but now he has the feeling the EU will be “deeply concerned, and carefully examine” its own funeral.

Parliament President David Sassoli also wants more action. EU states that violate the rule of law should not receive EU funds. We have a mechanism but the Commission is failing to use it.

I have therefore asked our services to prepare a lawsuit against the Commission, he said.

Watch this space.


Finally this week our Keeping It Real Award goes to this translator – the breakout star of #Farm2Fork debate.

If you think you had a bad day, think about this interpreter in the European Parliament, added Valentin Dupouey.

Who said translators are not human? Asked Anna Efstathiou.

Jokes aside, I hope this helps to understand how demanding and stressful simultaneous interpreting can be. Let’s be more appreciative of the great work that 

Interpreters do, enabling communication in the most linguistically diverse parliament in the world, pointed out Julia.

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