Tweets of the Week: G20, COP26, Council of Europe

Leaders toss coin for photo-op, It’s not easy getting into COP and Council of Europe debate, please just stop. 


Let’s begin this week in Italy, where at the G20 world leaders tossed a coin at Trevi for good luck fighting the climate emergency

Which immediately prompted 2 kinds of reactions:


We’re all going to die.

And second: 

Ngl I was a little worried about climate change before I saw this

Rohita Kadambi called it “The Lizzie McGuire Climate Strategy”

Yes, that’s a very niche reference. Deal with it. 


Mohanad Elshieky meanwhile was more worried about the funding: Oh no, that was all the money they set aside to fight climate change

Flavia-Gabriela Sandu went a different way: 

Have we considered…idk concrete policy to fight climate change? Doesn’t make such good photo background though, I know

But, let’s move on to the main event. 


Which produced plenty of iconic pictures.
Like these two, which as François Gemenne pointed out, might just become a symbol of the conference. 

Or the equally symbolic fact that all trains to Glasgow were suspended due to a weather-related event – with hundreds of delegates to a climate conference stuck in Euston because UK’s infrastructure just isn’t resilient to climate change… 

All while a massive COP ad read: “No time for delay”

Which resulted in hundreds of people booking last minute short haul domestic flights to COP26 in Glasgow as both train lines have broken down.

 Lovely stuff, indeed. 

In front of the venue, Darren McCaffrey said, Britain is on fine form showing off our favourite pastime – queuing

But hey, at least he made it in. 

Israeli Energy minister Karine Elharrar wasn’t provided a handicap accessible entrance and was led from one entrance to another for two hours.

And at one point the #COP26 venue had reached capacity. With one tweeter saying it’s like trying to get into a late night club –  ‘one in, one out’. 


But what about decisions? 

Well, as Le Chou reported, Brazil’s President Promises To Stop Deforestation, World Leaders Forget He’s A Dishonest Liar #COP26

And DG Meme broke the news that World leaders have reached a final agreement on climate: “It sucks in Glasgow” #COP26

This episode is supported by ENTSO-E. If you can’t get enough of climate conferences, you join their #NetZero Conference on Friday 26 November by registering online. 

And now to something completely different but at the same time another very old debate: 

What should women wear in public? 


As Rym Khadhraoui reported, France asked the Council of Europe to remove a video they posted today in support of the right of women to wear the hijab… aaand the Council of Europe removed it! 

Because, you know…

Nothing screams women self determination more than a group of middle aged men cheering for the removal of a campaign to let women decide what to wear. 

Alison Abrahams said she was shocked that the Council of Europe removed the video, but

Not shocked that France asked them to remove it.

And Mehreen Khan drew another comparison: If the Council of Europe deleted a hate speech campaign video because Orban’s government accused it of “promoting” LGBTI rights, the Brussels bubble might be having a different type of conversation today

In a now deleted tweet, one French journalist called for Charles Michel to resign over the incident. 

Only one tiny problem: wrong Council. 


Ah, yes, European Council vs Council of Europe, the eternal struggle, tweeted Mep assistants

And Pablo Perez imagined a squid game inspired challenge to “tell the difference between European Council, Council of Europe and Council of the EU”

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