Tweets of the Week: German Elections, TTC, Petrol Shortages

German chancellery put to the vote, EU- trip to US is little of note and post Brexit UK shortages, it’s hard not to gloat!

After 16 years in power, Germans went to the polls on Sunday to vote for Angela Merkel’s successor. 

And well, it was not Armin Laschet’s day. 

Laschet gonna Laschet reported Jeremy Cliffe. As the chancellor wannabe topped off a gaffe-prone campaign by accidentally revealing his ballot to cameras, potentially invalidating his own vote.

Other Germans voters were more in line with regulations – and also definitely dressed for the occasion, as captured here by Dana Regez

Germans gonna German ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Even before the first results dropped, Oliver Noyan pointed out that Berlin is hosting a marathon on the day of the Election – an allegory for the tight race?

And tight it was. 

With a head to head race, German Twitter looked a little bit like this. 

You and me both Angela!

Olaf Scholz meanwhile declared that he and his party, the centre-left SPD want to lead and form a government.

And yup, within minutes CDU’s Armin Laschet declared exactly the same thing.

Though not everyone thought he was really on message!

In the end, it was the kingmakers of the Greens and the FDP that somehow came out on top, 

Posting a first iconic selfie of Germany’s post-Merkel era.

And of course, plenty of meme traffic around the pic, as pointed out by Constanze Stelzenmüller. But this one’s my favourite. 

Moving on to another meeting, though with maybe a bit less dancing, ducking and dodging.

The EU’s dream team of VALDIS Dombrovskis and Margrethe Vestager headed to Pittsburgh for the EU – US Trade & Tech Council. 

Not without making a quick pit stop in Washington D.C. 

Or as EC Meme reported it: 

+++ EU shaman storms the Capitol building with the cure to EU’s transatlantic relations

Dombrovskis dressed as Jamiroquai yelling “Strategic Autonomy” truly an image for the ages! 

Though American EU Dude thought they took the media hype about the #TTC being a transatlantic steel-cage match  a little too literally

Which did not stop Vestager putting out a pic after rocking this boxing pose

Mission accomplished.

Finally this week, breaking news: the end of petrol and diesel cars in the UK was scheduled for 2030.  This has now been brought forward to this week…..

Global shortage globally said Sam Morgan mocking UK Transport minister Grant Schapps.


EU Popcorn Stocks Run Dangerously Low As Everyone Sits Back To Watch UK’s Latest Clusterfuck reported Le Chou

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