Tweets of the Week: Google Ads, Green Deal Protests, Tusks New Job

Google brings political advertisers to heel, Wemove.EU calls for European Green Deal, and Donald Tusk greets new job with zeal.

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On Wednesday tech behemoth, Google, announced it would stop political advertisers targeting voters based on political affiliation, tighten ban on demonstrably false claims and explicitly ban doctored video and images known as “deep fakes” as Ian Brown reported.

Prompting Joe to ask: “Does anyone remember when democratically elected governments used to govern? Or did I just imagine it?” 

The Telegraph reported that the move “will freeze British politicians out of its most powerful targeted advertising systems as it races to prepare for the UK’s GeneralElection”

But as Garry Kasparov once said: The point of modern propaganda isn’t only to misinform or push an agenda. It is to exhaust critical thinking, to annihil ate truth.

Jon Worth tweeted that it feels like UK political commentators are getting a crash course in this over the last 48 hours.

Simoney Kyriakou described the move as “interesting”  adding that “the public must be able to trust information providers.”

And Jason Kint said it was a “very positive move by Google.” Pointing out that Twitter has eliminated political ads entirely, leaving Facebook as the only irresponsible holdout.

On Wednesday, WeMove.EU staged a die-in the European Parliament demanding MEPs block a new European Commission unless they’re ready to commit to a RealGreenDeal.

Political parties were quick to respond, with GUE calling for “Solidarity”

Renew MEP Martin Hojsik welcomed the protest, saying “We need to listen and be reminded “

Soon to be Commissioner for the European Green New Deal, Frans Timmermans posted this video of him promising that “fighting the climate crisis will be our number one priority.”

Timmermans was also busy making promises elsewhere: Dave Keating reported that he got a standing ovation at the CleanHydrogen summit.

And EURACTIV’s Frédéric Simon was optimistic, tweeting: “Hopefully, things are about to change with the upcoming #EuropeanGreenDeal. A review of EU laws on shipment of hazardous waste has already been drafted.


Finally Brussels’ most caustic Instagrammer, Donald Tusk has a new job.


The former Council President was elected EPP President with 93% of the votes by at the  group’s Zagreb Congress 

Tusk has definitely had his Weetabix said Jennifer Rankin: “After five years I am fed up with being the European bureaucrat in chief. I am ready to fight and I hope you are too.” 

Not sure what this says about the Council president job!


Commission President Designate Ursula Von der Leyen was one of the first to congratulate Tusk…

Now surely, this image deserves to become a meme!

Speaking of memes, Mep assistant reckons the newly elected Tusk is looking at Fidesz like…


Finally, this week Euractiv celebrated 20 years – so a big Happy Birthday!


This week we are supported by Ceemet, the European employers’ organisation. Find out more about their 6 joint priorities following them online.


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