Tweets of the Week: Government Resignations, Frontex Uniforms, Luxembourg Affront

Italy and  Estonia looking weak, Frontex fashion wear is on fleek, and Secretary of State cancels trip in fit of pique.

Just 13 days into 2021 and Estonia’s prime minister resigns over corruption scandal.

That means that one of the Estonian governing parties has resigned as well and that the government is literally changing in almost every way, shape and form.

As Estoniaball says: We’re off to an interesting start.

Former Estonian President Toomas Ilves said between that and the impeachment of Donald Trump, he’s had quite enough popcorn for one day.

With Juri Ratas, stepping down the President will ask former MEP Kaja Kallas to step up to the place and begin forming a new government.

Which is good news for gender balance and women’s empowerment pointed out Adam Rang.

On the other side of the continent, the government in Rome is in crisis. Or as we like to call it in Italy, just another Wednesday.

As Matteo Renzi announces the resignation of his party’s ministers from the Italian government.

Antonello Guerrera said it’s Italy’s 72nd government in 78 years. Not even a global pandemic stops Italian politicians playing games.

Alberto Nardelli said: “Matteo needs to understand that it’s not always about Matteo.”

Maybe, there isn’t enough room in government for both Matteo Renzi’s ego and Conte.

Tuning to our now regular fashion segment! Last week we had Jamiroquai viking man, this week it’s Frontex guard guy!


For the first time, the European Union has its own uniformed service – the European Border and Coast Guard standing corps. And here’s a sneak peak of the uniform.

Oooh the detailing! That stitching! The blue on blue accent colouring!


Not content with the slow-mo video close-ups, Sam Morgan decided it needed a theme tune as well.

Ok, enough of that. Tanja Friesen feels like it’s a bad time for a fashion update…

What with allegations of pushbacks being investigated and dawn raids by OLAF. The Commission is furious over incompetent staff management and Frontex is in trouble, said MEP Sophie in’t Veld

OLAF announcing that they’re investigating Frontex the same day Frontex unveils those sexy uniforms is peak EU, said Jakub Jaraczewski.

And Luke McGee isn’t sure sure which is more tragic: the Europhobes, who think this is evidence of some kind of EU army, or the Europhiles, who think Brussels would ever be given that level of power by the member states.

On Tuesday US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo cancelled his Europe trip at the last minute after Luxembourg’s foreign minister and some other EU officials declined to meet him.

It’s a banner day for Luxembourg, said Philip Crowther.

Everyone in Europe knows not to step to Jean Asselborn, added Tom Nuttall.

What Luxembourg lacks in population size, it makes up for in foreign ministers who have absolutely had it with the President of the US.

Jean Asselborn is a true master. Despite being the finance minister of a tax haven for over a decade, he still manages to get some impressive international left wing/idealist credentials by making comments that won’t have any political or diplomatic cost whatsoever, snarked Diego Velaquez.


European security has for 70 years been outsourced to a country that is terrified of Luxembourg joked Martini Seltzermayr

Adding whoever drew Luxembourg in the “who will end the Transatlantic Security Alliance” sweepstake please collect your winnings.


And finally, we couldn’t let it pass without noting that after a decade of mischief making Brussels number one effulencer the Berlaymonster unmasked himself and is… drumroll…Duncan Lumsden!

No me neither.

Lewis Crofts was disappointed the collected Brussels Twittersphere didn’t have an “I am Spartacus moment” when Berlaymonster was revealed.


Indeed! C- Brussels Twittersphere, must do better!


That’s it for another action packed week in the EU bubble. Join me again next Friday for more clashin’, passion and fashion in the Brussels Bubble Twittersphere.

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