Tweets of the Week: HERA, Janša Attacks, Maskless Merkel and Mature Macron

Europe decides to vaccellerate, attack on journo provokes Slovenian debate, and Merkel’s forgetful while Macron gains weight.

On Wednesday, the European Commission unveiled its plan to fight emerging COVID-19 variants, which Von der Leyen considers “a potential paradigm shift in this global fight.” 

Get ready for HERA! A new public-private incubator.

It stands for Health and Emergency Preparedness and Response Agency

The “Preparedness” is silent, apparently, quipped Berlaymonster.

It just rolls off the tongue snarked Jack Parrock.

I myself perceive a deeper meaning: #Hera “Queen of Heaven” was “known to be jealous and vengeful” Just saying.

Natasha Foote says Commissioner Stella Kyriakides is a woman after her own heart with her “vaccelerate” pun.

And the monster exclusively revealed earlier working titles for the’Vaccelerate’ clinical trials network.

Oliver Grimm, while interested in the HERA incubator begged his fellow Brussels correspondents at the press conference to please ask VdL about the attacks on our colleagues by the Slovenian prime minister?

Ah yes. It’s certainly not all pun and games for the press pack.

As the Slovenian Prime Minister took aim at a journalist in a personal attack.

Lilie Bayer of Politico Europe wrote a piece in which she quoted many sources working for Slovenia’s public media outlets accusing PM Janez Janša of whipping up hatred against reporters, resulting in threatening messages. Journalists say the pressure has led to self-censorship.

Remarkably Jansa responded on Twitter claiming Lilie Bayer  was instructed not to tell the truth, so she quoted mainly “unknown” sources from the extreme left and purposely neglected sources with names and integrity. That’s POLITICO Europe, unfortunately. Laying for living.

I think he means lying…. But that’s the least of our concerns!


What’s pretty amazing about the way that Slovenian prime minister lashed out at this article and its author, is that it precisely acted out the behaviour described in the piece, verifying the reporting in real time, pointed out Naomi O’Leary.

A Prime Minister publicly harassing a journalist. Where have I seen this before? 

Utterly unacceptable, asked Beatriz Ríos.

But Jansa’s move may have backfired.

I have just followed @liliebayer who seems to be a competent journalist.

Thanks for the tip, tweeted René Seindal.

Finally this week, a little light relief as Merkel and Macron let slip their human side.


Very few people know that for a long 10 seconds Europe was on the verge of collapsing, joked Karol Gotfryd, after video of Merkel forgetting her mask went viral.

We are all Angela Merkel said Marta Domínguez

Merkel doing what we all do about 10 times a day, added Jack Parrock

I’d wager 30% of Merkel’s support is due to her politics, and 70% is due to relatable videos like this, said James Jackson.

You’re not wrong James.


Meanwhile in France… Macron absolutely totally defamundily “did not gain weight. 

“He gained density and maturity” according to an official statement.

“Light” reading for a positive morning! According to Macron, gaining a few kilos is ‘a positive event’, as it gives you ‘substance and maturity’.

Don’t be afraid, love your body urged DG Meme.

The next time someone says I’ve put on weight I’m definitely going to borrow this line said Gareth Harding.

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