Tweets of the Week: Hungarian voters allegiant, Good Friday Agreement, EU investigators vehement

This week, to Viktor Orban, Hungarian voters are allegiant, ongoing Brexit troubles  jeopardize the Good Friday Agreement, and in raiding Murdoch’s HQ, EU investigators are vehement.


On Sunday, Hungary’s populist prime minister Viktor Orban won a third term… 


… and two-thirds of the seats in the Hungarian Parliament. transforming Hungary from a vibrant democracy into a semi-autocratic state, according to the New York Times. 


Nigel Farage said he is no longer “the EU’s biggest nightmare. Viktor Orban is going to be an even bigger nightmare because he doesn’t even intend to leave.”



Along with Juncker’s favourite dictator… 

(remember this?)


The Two-tailed Dog Party became the EU’s best performing satire party.


Donald Tusk was not impressed. Could he be any chillier in his ‘congratulations” to Orban? asked Peter Foster.


All it’s missing is a huffy “I guess” added Berlaymonster.


The Council President was more forthcoming with his true feelings about Brexit.


On Tuesday during a speech in Dublin,


he called Brexit one of the saddest moments in 21st-century European history. “Sometimes I am even furious about it,” he said.


Martin Hoscik retorted he should be furious with himself… for not giving David Cameron “meaningful concessions & reforms.”


But Tusk warned that “thousands of people are looking with concern and anxiety to the future of the peace process after Brexit.” reported Conor McMorrow.


The Irish Border‏, comedy account, says it is the elephant in the room. 


And Andrew Adonis described as “nonsense” David Davis’s claim that Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar is influenced by Sinn Fein. 


Finally, the European Commission raided media offices in several countries for potentially fixing prices on sports broadcasting rights. 

One of the raids was on Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox office in London. 

Unsurprisingly, Fox News didn’t report a single thing about it. Maybe they didn’t want Donald Trump to know? 


Murdoch was the second Trump ally in two days to have his office raided by investigators. 


Some people, including Scott Stedman, were quick to point out that the raid had nothing to do with the investigation against Trump. 

Nor was it “revenge” for Murdoch tabloid The Sun’s support for Brexit, Justice Commissioner Vera Jourova told James Crisp.


Spoof account The Murdoch Times reckoned an EU investigation has to be one of Rupert’s worst nightmares ever. 


The team of Have I Got News For You were not particularly sympathetic.


And fellow spoof account, Martini Seltzermayr, said the Commission was investigating allegations of journalism. No evidence was found.


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