Tweets of the Week: Hungary, EU Aid, D.I.Y. Art

Orban’s audacity is right off the chart; an EU support scheme will everyone take part?; and a bored lockdown world makes its own art.

This week we are supported by EURIMA, the European insulation Manufacturers Association more about them later on.

As you can see we’ve had another change of scene. The tone has been set by pretty much every single US talk show host, so here we are – tweets of the week from my living room!

This week in Hungary, Viktor Orban’s ruling party gave him carte blanche to rule by decree without a time limit, 

Julia Ivan of Amnesty International noted that the new rules voted through by the Fidesz government also punish critical journalism.

The European Commission responded saying rule of law and democracy should not be undermined by the current COVID-19 pandemic, but didn’t mention Orban by name.


James Crisp said it was a “paper-toothed response from von der Leyen.”


Euractiv’s Beatriz Rios added that if you have a member state that has consummated an authoritarian drift using a global pandemic as leverage, and you are not even able to name it, then you have a problem!

Making use of the pandemic to build a “state of a permanent state of emergency” is politically dangerous, and morally unacceptable said former Council President and head of the EPP Donald Tusk – also without naming names.


Viktor Orban has now officially become the Lord Voldemort of EU politics: in other words: HeWhoMustNotBeNamed tweeted Diego Velazquez


But later on Euronews’ Shona Murray revealed that Tusk had sent a letter to the EPP group calling again for Fidesz’ expulsion.

This week we are supported by the European insulation Manufacturers Association who have published a new paper on how a Renovation Wave across Europe could be a driver for a decarbonised, sustainable and healthy built environment, and a stimulus for economic recovery. Find out more online


And speaking of economic recovery, the European Commission unveiled its SURE scheme that aims to support short-time work caused by the pandemic. VDL said it will help the most affected EU countries, including Italy and Spain.

Spoof account Martini Seltzermayer thought it looked something like this: Makes an extremely loud noise but no one can actually figure out how to play it.


The news comes as arguments continue over the so-called #coronabonds

Based on the EU’s track record, Harris Samaras feared the debate could go on forever… 


Particularly as Germany’s Angela Merkel doesn’t seem to be listening — as Pascal Thibaut depicted.


Another failure of communication saw the UK failing to sign up to the EU procurement scheme for ventilators because it “missed an email” according to Number 10.

Now it turns out British officials took part in at least four procurement meetings, revealed MP David Lammy.


Michael Gove put it down to “Communication confusion” reported Jennifer Rankin.


While Berlaymonster thought it was all a bit Little Britain “yeah but no but”. 


I’ll admit, Boris DOES bear a passing resemblance to Vicky Pollard.


Finally some good news!

Not that April has one day fewer than March, as Gary Lineker tweeted,

But the tremendous ingenuity put in by people in lockdown recreating artwork from the Getty Museum.

Among our favourites are Lady with plastic bag on head,


The tv movers

Pillow head tape face

Screaming potato

And of course the timeless Toy dog and Duvet wedding.

That’s it for another week of snark. We’re on a scheduled Easter break next week, but join me again soon for more Tweets of the week.

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