Tweets of the Week: Hungary News, Merkel Pose, EURO Finalists

That Hungary law is really pretty vile, Angela Merkel is going out with style and in football the Euros still raise a smile!

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Another week another erosion of rights in Hungary.

The anti-LGBTI law came into force yesterday and already there is a case as the authorities has fined a book distributor, because they didn’t label a children’s book that displays “non-normative” families. 

Commission President Ursula von der Leyen described the legislation as “a disgrace”as she spoke to MEPs in Strasbourg 

… so maybe do something about it…


Daniel Freund from the Greens in Parliament says they’ve already done the work for you. 


A written notification to Hungary under the rule of law conditionality regulation. Just put it in an envelope and send it to Fidesz 

One bit of leverage the Commission does have is the dosh it’s giving out for national recovery plans and Katalin Halmai reports that it has asked Hungary to strengthen the anti-corruption framework of its #recovery plan otherwise it won’t approve it. 

But Hungarian Justice Minister Judit Varga called some reports fake news:

Let’s be clear: Brussels has not thrown back Hungary’s #recovery plan! We remain open for a constructive dialogue.


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Angela Merkel we will miss you for so many reasons, not least your ability to own a meme.


I mean this is a stance that screams “Hi and welcome to my crib”

Or maybe: “Welcome to Northern Germany, please accept this traditional welcome gift”

But perhaps she preparing for battle 

One Tweeter  added a sword


While others stepped the game up another level


Oh yes, more 1990s popculture references coming up, because… Football!

Bear with me, there is at most one more week of this!

And even Commission Vice President Margrethe VEstager is getting in on the action tweeting: First semifinal since 1992, where Denmark later won the European Championships.

Sadly for them their hopes were dashed by an England win.


But hey, Christian Eriksen almost losing his life

– Two losses in first two games

– Getting to the semifinals anyway

– Losing to England after a debatable penalty

They may have lost, but this Denmark team has won the hearts of football fans around the world said Abhijit Seth.

Hear hear!


It’s very funny to me the fact that these two countries will face each other at the UEFA final said Common Eurofan Girl

Fair point, but I’m not convinced there’s much overlap between Eurovision and Euros fans!

But Gerado Fortuna gets real: Let’s just talk about this, if you were ‘football’ would you really consider ‘home’ a place with such nasty weather (exhibit B) or you’d rather take up residence in a sunny place like in exhibit A? 

Well we’ll have to wait until Sunday to find out!

Join me again next Friday for the last TOTW of this season, complete with our usual brand of sideeye and snark.

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