Tweets of the Week: In 2018 the EU sent to me…

This episode for festive cheer,
we have a musical round up of the year.

In 2018 the EU sent to me…

Juncker fluffing hair

Westminster despair


Theresa May a dancin’

An end to summer time

Massive Google fine

Trade war flags a flyin’


Macron’s speech is great

Digi-tax debate

Martin Selmayrgate

And a Brexit deal that never came to be

This week we are supported by – Google. To find out more about their position on copyright reform follow them on Twitter @GoogleEurope.

That’s it for this year. A big thank you to our singers from the Brussels Chamber Choir. Happy holidays, we’re back in 2019. Keep following us using the hashtag #EUtweets and remember you can always subscribe so you don’t miss us every Friday.

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