Tweets of the Week: Macron, Brexit, and International Women’s Day

Macron hopes to lead the European way, Brexit talks go badly astray, and we’re celebrating International Women’s Day. This week we are supported by PlasticsEurope.

On Tuesday, French President Emmanuel Macron published a rallying cry to European citizens in 28 newspapers across the continent.

Although, as many were very quick to point out, he forgot to send his op-ed to Luxembourg.

However Guy Verhofstadt is fully behind a so-called new European renaissance.

And German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said debate is good for Europe and we’re already working on some of these ideas.

In what Tom Nuttall described as yet another bland German response.

But EURACTIV’s Sam Morgan asked is Macron running a country or a think-tank?

And never a man to miss a bit of hyperbole, James Crisp reckons Macron poses a greater threat to the EU than Brexit.

So, speaking of Brexit, that’s going well. Not!

British Attorney General Geoffrey Cox and Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay were in Brussels on Tuesday for negotiations. But said that there had been no breakthrough.

I understand the EU-UK talks in Brussels yesterday didn’t go very well, said Buzzfeed’s Alberto Nardelli.

That’s an understatement!

It seems that Cox-Barnier meeting went so badly they can’t even describe it as “constructive,” the go-to word for talks that lead nowhere, reported James Rothwell.

Nina Schick suggested: I think we should try shouting louder and slower.

Tom Easton said maybe they should send in Brian Blessed instead.

And Berlaymonster gave us this handy diplo-speak reminder.
Fruitful is chilly. Frank and constructive is icy. Long and frank is f*cking arctic.

Nick Gutteridge said “Robust and hard fought” is the phrase he’s being given to describe the talks. Which, on the Berlaymonster temperature scale, is about “surface of Pluto.”

Finally, today is Women’s Day and the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, Dunja Mijatovic urged all Council of Europe states to uphold women’s right to self-determination about their sexual and reproductive health, and to ensure women’s effective access to healthcare, goods, services and information.

Eurostat, the EU statistics office, pointed out that only 1 manager out of 3 in the EU is a woman. And that women are even less represented in senior management positions.

UN Youth said Women’s Day⁠⁠ is about building an accessible world where everyone’s needs are represented.

And this year the European Parliament is highlighting the importance of women’s participation in politics ahead of the May elections.

But there is still quite some way to go as Jon Worth pointed out when he was invited to speak on an all male panel.

Let’s see what the organisers’ response is. My money’s on we asked, but no women were available; there was a woman, but she dropped out; the moderator is a woman; or all of the above.

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