Tweets of the Week: Moodless Institution, UK Vaccine Exports, Parliament Power Cut

The Commission spokes service does not do snark, vaccine row followed predictable arc, and MEPs were left in the dark

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“We never sulk. We don’t have moods. We are an Institution”

“We try to work on a day to day basis with a very, very even temper.”

Will these be famous last words from the European Commission Chief spokesperson?

MEP Assistant reckoned it was Martin Selmayr’s unsung legacy: turning the Commission civil servants into brutally efficient EU crusaders, who never sulk and don’t have moods.

They Are The Institution.

Berlaymonster channeled his inner Spock

While Oliver Grimm wants it on a t-shirt, please.

And Beatriz Rios says she can relate with the Commission having to clarify they are not sulking or in a mood every time they speak up, especially during International Women’s Day.


And indeed Monday was International Women’s Day and this week we are sponsored by the Alliance Of Her, the voice of Europe’s liberal women. This new platform aims to empower Europe’s liberal women to lead and succeed – share using the #SheWillBeHeard or visit

It’s 2021, so OBVIOUSLY it’s another week and another vaccine row.

Entirely normal, tweeted Sam Morgan sarcastically.

As Council President Charles Michel accused the UK of having an outright ban on vaccine exports.

The UK hit back that the UK government had not blocked the export of a single COVID-19 vaccine. 

Michel replied that he was glad if the UK reaction leads to more transparency & increased exports, to EU and third countries, but added there different ways of imposing restrictions without outright bans. 

No one is safe until everyone is safe he recited.

Bruno Waterfield found his response a bit weasely and it raise more questions than it answered.

Nick Gutteridge also noticed that the language had changed from bans to restrictions which is not actually the same thing.

Then Matina Stevis delivered the New York Times’ report that the EU had exported  25 million vaccine doses including 8 million to the UK. While the UK and the US, through different mechanisms, are keeping their locally produced doses at home. 

Martin Sandbu was stunned by the numbers the UK administered 11m doses in February. In the same month the EU sent 8m to the UK, about 3/4 of all jabs! And in total the EU exported more doses than it administered.

Yeah, this argument is not going away any time soon!


Ever had the feeling you’re being kept in the dark?


MEPs certainly did this week as all meetings suspended at the European Parliament on Tuesday evening after the electricity cut out leaving emergency lights only. 


Barry Andrews was looking forward to all the gags.

And naturally Twitter did not disappoint.

Anyone got 50 cents for the meter? Asked TVlive.

And they say the European Parliament has too much power, joked Chris MacManus.

Niklas Nienass thought the new energy saving measure is quite drastic. 


But others saw a deeper meaning: The powercut was during a debate on Georgia. Maybe caused by cold weather.

But Diarmuid Hayes knows foreign interference he sees it!

Hannah Neumann thought maybe the French were trying to force them back to Strasbourg 

Did you really have to make it about the Single seat!?

Join me again next week for more dudes and moods in the Brussels bubble twittersphere.

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