Tweets of the Week: Nato Enlargement, Northern Irleand and Re-Power-EU


This episode is supported by FEAD – The European Waste Management Association, more about them later on.


Wednesday was a historic day as Sweden and Finland handed in letters expressing their countries’ interest to apply for NATO membership.


Finland’s 32nd historic day in 2 weeks regarding Nato membership.


Santa Claus Tipped For Top NATO Job Once Finland And Lapland Join Alliance


But wait… not so fast because, Turkey and depressingly predictably Hungary are blocking, stalling and basically doing everything they can to disrupt the move.


Which is ironic, as Lindsey Snell points out since Turkey was more than happy to support ISIS and al-Qaeda in Syria!


This episode is supported by FEAD – The European Waste Management Association. To what extent do innovation  and digitalisation contribute to waste management and the achievement of the EU Green Deal? Join FEAD’s hybrid Biennial Conference on 2 June to find out.



Elsewhere as news emerged that the UK plans to basically tear up the Northern Ireland Protocol agreed in the Brexit deal. Maros Sefcovic didn’t mince his words, warning that if they do that, “the EU will need to respond with all measures at its disposal”


Very clear breach of international law, but as it’s a first offence, likely just a fixed penalty notice from @Europol, Boris can put it with the rest, quipped Martini Seltzermayr


But Dave Keating was incredulous! Boris Johnson’s defence is that he “hoped and believed” that the EU wouldn’t insist on enforcing the treaty he signed up to.


Le Chou translated the news: Boris Johnson Finally Gets Around To Actually Reading The Northern Ireland Protocol, Now Realises How Much His Government Has Shit The Bed


And Beth Rigby reported that apparently the phone call between Truss and Sefcovic “was horrendous.” One EU source said they’d “seldom seen Sefcovic so cross and so upset.”


I have had constructive talks in Belfast, where I made it clear that I don’t give a toss about peace in Northern Ireland, but desperately want to pick a fight with the EU to please the rabid Brexiteer nut jobs in my party, tweeted a Boris Johnson parody account.


94% of Express readers say they haven’t got the Brexit they voted for, which is funny because they got exactly the Brexit the rest of us told them they would get and they didn’t listen, said a miffed Laura K parody account.


Finally this week, the European Commision unveiled it’s #REPowerEU campaign.


And of COURSE a bunch of leaders rocked up to the North Sea to promote wind power.


And take their ties off… apparently.


Laura Shields doffed a chapeau to today’s trainees for their messaging!

‘We are turbocharging what we were already doing’  instead of:

‘The green transition’ is being accelerated.’


The Commission wanted to call this #NewPowerGeneration but got a cease-and-desist from Prince’s estate, snarked American EU Dude


Before adding that the real proposal to promote #helium leaked slowly out of the Berlaymont yesterday, emitting a whistling sound and leading to a series of high-level talks.


According to Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, #REPowerEU will drive the transition to clean energy by:


But who’s going to pay for it? Asked France24’s François Picard, alongside this … uh… thirsty image.



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