Tweets of the Week: Neue Germany, Santa Boris, Disco Sanna

Farewell Angela Merkel, you will be missed, Boris Johnson lies about party, but we all get the gist, while the Finnish PM went out and got pissed!

As Angela Merkel bid politics farewell this week, Michaela Kuefner reported the fun fact that her leaving present from her staff was a set of high tech walking sticks, a water bottle and a bread tin to take for hikes. Merkel likes hiking.


Germany’s New Government Leaders Say Favourite Songs Are ‘Boys Are Back In Town’, ‘It’s Raining Men’ And ‘Where Have All The Good Women Gone?’ reported Le Chou sarcastically.


Adding that as Scholz Lays Flowers At Angela Merkel’s Memorial, ‘I’m Not Dead Yet!’ Ex-Chancellor Shouts From The Back Of The Room

The Merkel farewell thread I didn’t know I needed said Beatriz Rios

And of course, there’s an Ikea mock up for every scenario as well: “Home at last.”

But if he did: “Guidance was followed” 


Imagine standing up and gaslighting an entire country, said Jennifer Cassidy.

According to the latest Sky poll: 91% of those polled don’t believe Johnson. The remaining 9% still believe in the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus reckoned Brexit Buster.

And yesterday, BBC’s Chris Mason was one of the first with the news that the Prime Minister and his wife Carrie announced “the birth of a healthy baby girl.”


He’ll have to have all the lads round to number 10 again tonight so, snarked Shane Heneghan.

Finally this week, Sanna Marin Finland’s 36-year-old Prime Minister went out clubbing till 4am, left her work phone at home and was therefore unreachable to get a text telling her she needed to quarantine, reported Neri Zilber.


it’s Finland – it basically runs itself. Let her have a night out, responded Peter G.

I can understand going out, as we are only human and need a break once in a while. However: How does a freaking PM forget to take the work phone?! 


I don’t understand clubbing after the age of 22. What a nightmare! Said Brian Mitchell – you want to get out more Brian!


Others just wantedto know what music she was vibing to


I’m just going to leave this here:


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