Tweets of the Week: Omicron, Kurzexit, Andersonn-in (again)


Von der Leyen’s Covid statement mangled by berks, it’s a not so fond farewell to Sebastian Kurz, and Swedish PM’s 180 was so fast it hurts!


And according to CNN, the South African variant was in Europe long before travel bans.


“Omicron” is the name of a medical research company in the video game Soma, which is … 

*checks notes*

A “horror survival game,” wailed Berlaymonster.


Indeed a lot of people were dismayed by the name.


Why has the new COVID variant been named after Elon Musk’s baby? Asked Altiero Spaghetti.


Sassoli Suggests Scrapping Greek Alphabet Covid Naming Ritual, Obscure EU Political Figures Should Be Used Instead, ‘I’ve Caught ‘The Michel Variant’ Sounds Much Better’ joked Le Chou.


BREAKING HEALTH AND SCIENCE NEWS: EUHQ developing new cliché to fight latest Covid variant snarked American EU Dude.


Commission President Ursual von der Leyen, was in fact very cliche-free in her statement on the question of mandatory vaccination.


But that didn’t stop several newswires totally mangling her very nuanced statement said Oliver Grimm.


There’s a big difference between “calls for” and “must consider”, pointed out Gareth Harding.


And Valentina Pop clarified that Von der Leyen had called for a “discussion” on mandatory vaccination.


Yesterday’s big news was that Austrian ex-Chancellor Sebastian Kurz announced he would withdraw from politics, as Denise Hruby reported.


At 35, he was the country’s youngest leader — but his tenure in office was plagued by scandals.


Those statements Sebastian #Kurz made last summer about how the pandemic was “over” really didn’t age well. Maybe that’s why he’s leaving politics, mused Emma Midgley.


Imagine claiming in 2016 or 2017 that Angela Merkel’s political career would outlast that of Sebastian Kurz, remarked Jeremy Cliffe.


He’s 35…that’s one long retirement said James Harrison.


Beate Beller called it a good day for democracy in Austria. 




Yup, Magdalena Andersson has once been again elected Prime Minister of Sweden – with a margin of just two votes in her favour.


Giuseppe Costanzo reckons it’s pretty cool to put on your CV that you served as prime minister TWICE.


Not usually within the same month though!

Mamma mia! Here we go again


She has unresigned declared Walker Stewart.


I wish I had her self-confidence! Said DG Meme.



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