Tweets of the Week: Open Bars, Vaccine News, Halloumi

Those Brussels bar terraces better be roomy, the EU vaccine news is a smidgen less gloomy and delivering world peace, all hail Halloumi!

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THE most important news of the week and indeed ALL weeks since last year…

Belgium is to reopen bars and restaurants outside on May 8!

DG Meme got so giddy with the news that they couldn’t work out what day of the week it was and instead went straight for the conspiracy theory that it was part of the shadowy #Plux lobby!

Mona Medan thought it would look a bit like this.

Whereas MEP Assistant focussed on the aftermath!

A Europe Day to remember, said Lisa Laumen

But Elodie Lamer reminded all the expats aiming to hit the terraces, that there’s a Summit on 8 May 8.

All the more reason to drink, some would say!

On Wednesday the EU reached 100 million vaccinations. A milestone to be proud of tweeted Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

She also announced a new deal with Pfizer/BioNTech to deliver 50million additional doses in the second quarter, which were initially set to be delivered in the fourth quarter of this year

Estonian Prime Minister, Kaja Kallas and Bulgarian Prime Minister, Boyko Borissov, were among those who stood up to thank her.

50 million additional doses for the EU = a significant amount of lives saved, added Kallas.

Marco Bresolin said this third contract means the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine will become THE EU vaccine.

Elsewhere, Denmark is to permanently end use of AstraZeneca’s Covid jabs.


Anyway Martini Seltzermayr could resist this: Something something, Johnson & Johnson something clots something send tweet

Insert your own joke here.

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Finally this week, even bigger than the bar news it’s the cheesetastic news that Halloumi is now registered as a Protected Designation of Origin.

Historic. Necessary. Huge. Long live Halloumi! Tweeted the Greek Analyst.

Up there with the moon landing, added Greek Bluenose.

Even EU High Representative Josep Borrell  said it was an important achievement for all Cypriots and for the EU and a strong signal for #Cyprus to resume settlement talks as soon as possible.

Oliver Grimm struggled to wrap his mind around the fact that slapping a consumer label on squeaky Cypriot cheese is, apparently, considered a major geopolitical achievement. 

Do not underestimate the power of cheese diplomacy, said Clémence Robin.

Karl Sharro was more concerned that Reuters described it as “rubbery.” Truly Journalism is dead.

Others went straight for the pun:

Just halloumi to explain, said Chris Horseman.

What did the Cypriot cheese say when it saw itself in the Geographical Indications register? Asked Ian McCafferty, Halloumi.

And Halloumi Wins Nobel Cheese Prize, reported Le Chou.

You’re all sacked!

That’s it this week, join us again next Friday to shoot the breeze and talk about cheese on #EUTweets of the Week.

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