Tweets of the Week: Orban, The Hulk, and the EU Cancer Plan

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Not expelling Fidez leaves some members cryin’, tackling climate change, well the Hulk is sure tryin’, and EUCancerPlan is launched by President von der Leyen.

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On Monday, the Viktor Orban-EPP saga rumbled on.

MEP Siegfried Muresan reported that the political group decided to prolong the suspension of Orban’s Fidesz from EPP. 

Adding that the future relationship depends fully on developments in Hungary.


Aura Salla was more forthright: she said Fidesz is in breach of EPP values and principles and her Finnish Kokoomus party wanted to exclude them.

But as Eszter Zalan reported, the EPP kicked possible expulsion further down line. While party President Donald Tusk pledged: “As long as I am the president of the #EPP, and as long as the situation is as it is now in Budapest, there is no return for Fidesz to EPP.”


Is he trying to say “over my dead body!”?

But Maria Udrescu was skeptical: “Look at the EPP acting all like it made a bold decision to defend European values… Nice try guys!”


As Gerardo Fortuna summed up: Not compromise, of course. Just eternal postponement.


Spoof account Martini Seltzermayr quipped that “offering Orbán cash to respect liberal democracy seems like a decent way to finally cut the EU budget.”


What will Orban refuse to concede under any circumstances? Honour, apparently. 

Setting the bar high for success at this month’s EU budget summit, joked Mehreen Kahn.


A more welcome guest at the European Parliament this week was cinema star Mark Ruffalo

Mark ‘the Hulk’ Ruffalo is in the European Parliament today and he is angry … about chemical pollution reported James Crisp.


Jim Brunsden went further and said :This is what Mark Ruffalo thinks of toxic water pollutants (Hulk Meme2)


The world needs Europe to lead on climate tweeted the celebrity, urging members of the European Parliament, to please vote next week against fossil fuels and fracked gas infrastructure projects.


He also made the point that importing US fracked gas would be tantamount to exporting the environmental costs of this gas to communities in America said Khaled Diab.


The actor was also in town to promote his new film Dark Waters. But it seems he had a nice time.

What an incredible and inspiring day. So many smart and rational people. Thank you tweeted Ruffalo. 


“This has got to be my favourite thing I’ve seen in Parliament,” tweeted Sophie Millar on Tuesday. No, not the heartthrob actor, but the Irish cancer survivors’ Sea of Change choir.


The singers were in Brussels to mark the launch of the consultation of the European Commission’s EUCancerPlan 


Several cancer survivors including Health Commissioner Stella Kyrikiadies spoke movingly about their experiences.


Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen said “for me, and for so many, cancer is personal.”


Receiving a standing ovation.


She didn’t get quite the same response for her “We had a very good continental breakfast,” with British EU staff quip.


Florian Eder declared it the “President’s first official joke” 👇


While journalist Oliver Grimm wondered, how many staff members were involved in crafting this gem of a dad joke.


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