Tweets of the Week: Paradise papers, Catalonian mayors, and divine intervention

Welcome to Tweets of the Week. Paradise papers could get litigious, singing Catalan mayors are prodigious, and a Commission meeting this week got religious.

A massive amount of tax avoidance and suspected corruption was revealed this week with the publishing of the so-called Paradise Papers.

It seems to have involved everyone from the Queen of England to Apple. Even professional do-gooder Bono was implicated. Have I Got News For You reckons authorities still haven’t found what they’re looking for.

EU Ombudsman Emily O’Reilly said the #ParadisePapers show the real world consequences of tax avoidance. 


Frederik Obermaier said it revealed how the Netherlands attracts American multinationals and cheats its EU neighbors.

George Monbiot replied to those who say “the #ParadisePapers are no big deal, because the practices are legal.” He says it’s the legality of tax avoidance that makes it such a scandal.

Carl Dolan believes that apart from the taxes dodged, the most shocking thing is how laws are written to order by advisor-lobbyists.

But the European Commission was quick to claim that #TeamJunckerEU has done more in past 3 years than has been done in decades.

Finally Jon Stone wants to know what idiot called it the #ParadisePapers and not the #ParasitePapers!

Too right Jon!

Here in Brussels, 200 Catalan mayors descended on the city to “thank Belgium” for allowing Puigdemont to stay here, as reported by Mark Stone.

They congregated in the EU Quarter under the Berlaymont and the Council to sing the national anthem of Catalonia.

One tweeter reckoned they looked remarkably happy for people that live under constant oppression in a dictatorship.

Barbara Wesel said that Flemish secessionists had seized the moment to seek a blueprint for the break up of Belgium.

And on that note, Le Soir reckoned Belgium PM Charles Michel would have been a lot happier if Puigdemont had gone ANYWHERE else!

But Jim Brunsden says, you don’t mess with the ceremonial sticks.

And speaking of ceremonial garb… Peter Spiegel was very saddened not to be in the house for his annual: “A priest, a rabbi, and an imam walk into the Berlaymont press room…” joke as the Commission hosted a high-level meeting with religious leaders.

For Mehreen Kahn too it’s her favourite time of the year at the Commission – divine intervention time.

Nikos Chrysoloras‏ said that once again, God refused to accept questions from journalists.

Martini Seltzermayr said it was a new record: 13 people on the EU Commission podium each of whom thinks the others should go to hell.

And James Crisp wondered “Why are those people wearing Juncker’s University robes?”

Yes indeed Jean-Claude, that’s quite a look!

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